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Weight Losing Tips for People Who Have Tried Everything

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Trying to lose weight can be extremely frustrating. You are giving it 100%, trying out all the diets that worked for everybody else and exercising until you drop, but the scale still won’t budge. Yes, losing those extra pounds can be a nightmare, so here’s what you can do if you have a feeling that you’ve tried everything.

1. Check your hormones

Sometimes, the only thing standing between you and weight loss are your hormones. And it is usually an imbalance of the following hormones: ghrelin, cortisol, insulin and adiponectin. Too much or too little of these hormones in your body can cause all sorts of problems including being hungrier than you normally would, not burning fat for energy or storing carbohydrates you eat as fat. So make sure you have your hormones in check and visit a doctor that can help you with it.

2. Turn negatives into positives

When people start a diet, it usually follows a mantra of reducing or removing negative habits. But the thing is, you are still focusing on negatives if you constantly repeat “You can’t have that chocolate!” or “That pizza is bad for you!” Instead of trapping your mind by the things you can’t have, try forming new, positive habits to follow. So replace that chocolate with something healthy, like fruit or Greek yoghurt and you will feel much better about yourself and your diet.

3. Take baby steps and enjoy your victories


This next piece of advice is connected to the previous one but it doesn’t only include your diet, it is based on your whole mindset. You won’t get very far if you only see disappointment and failure in what you’re trying to achieve. When we’re trying to lose weight, we tend to focus on the negative facts instead of our accomplishments. So take a step back and enjoy everything you do manage to do and do it every day. Set yourself small goals like eating only half a portion of food or going for a run and genuinely celebrate those little victories.

4. Focus on your whole body

A lot of people ignore the holistic approach to losing weight and only focus on what goes into their stomach. But the fact is that your whole body is your ally if you’re trying to get back in shape and you need to treat it as such. So, for example, make sure your normal bacterial flora is balanced and put effort into keeping it that way. Not only your gut is an important factor in losing weight, your brain is, too. You have to nurse your mind just like you do your body. If you’re constantly in a bad mood and depressed, your body doesn’t stand a chance to begin with.

5. Say “no” to comfort eating

When you’re disappointed and start thinking “What’s the point?”, it’s easy to give in to your cravings and stuff your face in comfort food. But before you do it, you should know that by doing that, you would be spitting on everything done so far. Instead, you should try some of the tips for more satisfying meals. For example, instead of eating in front of your laptop or TV, really focus on your meal. Cut your food into smaller pieces or eat with your non-dominant hand to make it a bit harder and slower. And make sure you eat your meals in a soothing and positive environment.

6. Don’t starve yourself

You may think that your diet has no effect because you’ve lost some pounds but then they somehow all came back. This is a common mistake when dieting; people think that starving themselves and practically living in the gym is the recipe for success. But even though you may see some progress at the beginning, soon you will gain all that weight back and maybe even more. This is why you should make a healthy plan and stick to it. If you need help, hire a nutritionist to make a diet plan especially for you. And know that there is such thing as healthy calories.