Weight Loss

The Top Fat-Burning Foods

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When we want to get in shape, we often fall into the pattern of thinking that we need to eat less to lose more weight. This thought appears because we often confuse the amount of food with the number of calories it contains and then we start thinking that in order to slim up we need to eat the same foods in smaller quantities. What we forget sometimes is that all foods have different caloric values and a small amount of some foods (i.e. pasta, chocolate, potato chips, etc.) have more calories and are more fattening than other (i.e. protein rich foods, dairy, nuts, etc).


Many ‘diet’ foods proclaimed to help you lose weight will indeed help you, but you will often not lose just fat but muscle too. On the other hand, there are foods that will help preserve your muscles and help you get rid of fat only, which should be your goal.

Those foods that we are going to talk about are the foods that will help you speed up your metabolism (which means that fats will be burned more easily and quickly), and get rid of the toxins that make losing fat hard for your body. However, consuming these foods in combination with junk food or other type of unhealthy diet will not work and you will not lose fat. But if you start eating cleaner and you introduce these fat-burning foods, the effects will be visible in no time.

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