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The 8 Most Dangerous Diets

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There are numerous diets you can find in magazines and online, some healthy and some not so much, but there are also many diets that can seriously damage your health and cause long-term consequences.

People are sometimes ready to go to the extremes just to lose some weight, without thinking about their health, and this is not a new thing – people have been dieting for centuries now, and some even died because of it. The best diet should include all the necessary nutrients your body needs in order to function properly.

You can still lose weight by eating a balanced diet and exercising, but you should never try these extremely dangerous diets!


1. Tapeworm Diet

This diet has been one of the favorite ways to lose weight since the early 20th century. It involves either eating a tapeworm or taking a pill containing it. When you ingest it, a tapeworm starts growing inside your stomach and is supposed to feed on the foods you eat and also help you reduce your appetite.

After being ingested, the tapeworm lives in your digestive system until you take one last pill that is supposed to kill the worm after which your bowel movement leads to its extraction from your body. And even when you take the pill to kill it, it can still survive and grow up to 30 feet long.

Today, this diet is illegal as the FDA has banned it, but unfortunately some people still find a way to get their hands on the pill in a desperate attempt to lose weight without much effort.

You are probably wondering what’s so bad about this diet. Well first, you have a growing parasite in your body, isn’t it enough? In case it isn’t, here’s more – it doesn’t only eat the foods that make you fat, but also the nutrients your body needs to function. Moreover, this worm can move throughout your body and even end up in your brain and kill you. But these are some of the extremes. The most common side effects are serious abdominal pains and headaches.

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