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I Lost 190 Pounds but Then My Fight with Excess Skin Started

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It’s always hard to get rid of those extra few pounds, let alone a dozen. But you need to know that sometimes, even though you won the battle against the pounds, there is another pending battle, one that will make your life a living hell.

Now instead of a little excess fat, imagine Simone Anderson’s situation, who went on a journey which she started with 372 lbs and ended victoriously 11 months later with 178 lbs.

By sticking to her diet and being determined to lose some serious weight, Simone was able to lose 190 pounds (88 kg) in 11 months – on average that’s 17 pounds a month! She was able to conquer over her weaknesses, but little did she know that the war on excess skin was awaiting her.

My body and the excess shriveled skin wasn’t something I was ashamed of, or something that I found difficult to deal with. Nothing like that. I was proud of my hard work and dedication to achieving my goal, but it was inconvenient to say the least. I even had a belly button infection,” says Simone.

In order to solve this problem, Simone had several operations in the U.S. She had a breast lift, body lift surgery, tummy tuck surgery and an operation where her back skin was tightened. The surgical interventions weren’t easy at all and after a total of nine and a half hours on the operation table, Simone has only one wish – to wear a bikini on the beach – and she can’t wait for next summer.

Even though I had the best care possible, it wasn’t easy. I was in massive pain,” Simone recalls.


This 24-year old girl made the entire process public by posting pictures of every stage of her weight-loss process. And besides everything else, she had to deal with negative comments as well. Some claimed that she ‘faked the weight loss’, while others would go so far to comment how horrible she looks with all the stretch marks. Nonetheless, Simone didn’t let these comments get to her, she lost 190 pounds in 11 months just by changing her lifestyle and she didn’t fake anything.

August last year I decided to change my life and my habits once and for all. Before this I always had an excuse not to exercise, but now there are no more excuses,” said Simone during her weight-loss process.

Simone was not shy about the process and she would show her body as it is, and she even posted a few photos from the operating room. However, one post-op photo had negative comments like ‘hideous’. This is how Simone responded:

What an undereducated comment. People don’t choose to overeat and become morbidly obese it’s an addiction just like everything else! Expect when you give us drugs or alcohol you can go cold turkey, which you obviously can’t with food as you need it to survive so it’s the hardest addiction of all to overcome. My stretch marks are exaggerated in this photo as its only 24 hours post survey, but I couldn’t be more in love with my body! It’s beautiful and I will be wearing the smallest bikinis to the beach the minute I can to show off every inch of it. At least I know and can honestly say without a shadow of a doubt I’m a beautiful person inside and out.”

Today, she couldn’t be happier with the way she looks.

I already love by body, I’d love to wear a bikini right now. Can’t wait for next summer, by then I will make a complete recovery from the procedures and I’ll definitely be wearing a bikini,” says Simone confidently.

Her story is an inspiration and a reminder that losing weight is a daunting process with the odds often stacked against you. However, she will be showing off her new bikini body next summer – Will you?