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Break These 10 Habits to Lose Weight

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You started exercising regularly wishing to lose some weight. You’ve changed the way you eat. You’ve even started eating much less than you used to, but the pounds are not coming off. People say that the key to having a great body is in nutrition and exercise, and that is true. However, there are some other factors that can affect weight loss, and many people are unaware of how strong their impact can be. These things that you probably would never even link with weight and weight loss that are making your pounds stick to your waist. In order to help you get the body you want, we have made a list of the habits that make you less able to lose weight. Get rid of them and you’ll see a more appealing number on the scale soon.


1. Eating in front of a TV

It is understandable that you don’t like eating alone. But when there is nobody home, many people take their plate and eat in front of a TV. This is a seriously bad habit that can, not just prevent you from losing weight but, gain weight. When you eat and watch a TV show or a movie, your attention is focused towards what you’re watching, and not on your food. You then eat until there is nothing left on the plate (or in the bowl if you’re eating chips or other kinds of snacks), and don’t even realize just how much you’ve eaten.

After having eaten your meal in front of a TV, you lose track of the amounts of the foods you eat. Also, you may forget what you’ve eaten or if you’ve eaten anything at all. When you don’t focus on your food while eating, your brain may not send your stomach the signal that you’re full, and it can lead to unconscious overeating. Break this habit and you’ll be one step closer to your perfect self.

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