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9 Ways to Avoid the Yo-Yo Effect after Losing Weight

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Losing weight is one thing, but maintaining it is completely different. With so many fad diets on the market and so many restrictions while losing weight, people can’t wait to get off their diets so that they can enjoy eating the foods they enjoy the most. But losing weight is useless if you can’t maintain it- in that case you’re torturing yourself for nothing, or for having a great body only for a short period of time.

The yo-yo effect isn’t just annoying and tedious, but can also be very unhealthy for you, especially if you’re losing and gaining weight quickly and constantly. The goal is to avoid this effect after you lose weight and maintain a healthy weight and body. However, this can be hard, and sometimes we don’t even know what we did wrong, but the scale directly points out that we’re gaining weight again, after months of being on a restrictive diet. But the yo-yo effect doesn’t need to happen, if you know what to do. Here are 9 ways to avoid the yo-yo effect after losing weight.


1. Don’t go on a fad diet

The diet you’re on greatly impacts your behavior after you are done with losing weight. If you’re denying yourself all the foods you like, you’re hungry all the time or you’re eating the foods that your stomach can’t easily digest, you’re likely to face a disappointment. First, on such a diet it is difficult to stick to the regime and not give up soon after starting.

If you succeed and make it to the end, meaning you lose all the weight you wanted to lose, you’ll probably eagerly wait for the day your scale shows you the wanted number so you can binge on all the foods you’ve been avoiding. One binge leads to another, and before you know it you’re right where you began- with excess weight, disappointed with your weight and looks and without the motivation to go through the diet once more. There are many people dealing with this problem, and many are struggling with weight their entire adult lives. The solution for this is – Don’t go on a diet that exhausts you and makes you miserable. Chose a sustainable diet plan that you can see following not just over the course of a month or two, but your entire life.

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