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6 Ways to Burn Calories in Your Sleep

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If you thought that the only way to burn calories is through strenuous exercise, you’re about to learn something new and interesting. According to a study published in the New York Times, you can actually burn calories and lose weight in your sleep. It has long been known that the lack of quality sleep as well as poor lifestyle choices can lead to weight gain as well as the inability to lose weight, even when we’re dieting and exercising. On the other hand, sleeping can help you get rid of excess weight. But you need to make some tweaks in order for this miracle to happen. Here’s how.

1. Sleep in total dark

In order to sleep soundly throughout the entire night (which will help your body burn calories while you’re resting), you should sleep in a completely dark room. If there is some light shining through your window, close the blinds. Turn off any devices that emit light, including glowing clocks, TV and your phone. When you’re lying in bed in complete dark, as a study published in the Journal of Pineal Research suggests, you start feeling sleepy and your body produces melatonin which can contribute to burning fat.

2. Set a sleeping schedule

It is important to go to bed at around the same time each night, because that way your body gets used to the routine and it functions better. It is also very important to get at least 7 hours of sleep each night in order to be rested and functional the next day as well as for your body to be able to burn calories for a longer time.


3. Put your devices away

It is common, especially among young people, to carry their phones or tablets into the bed. A study conducted at the Manchester University showed that the blue light that smartphones and tablets emit can disrupt your sleep (by affecting your melatonin levels) as well as affect your metabolism and make you less able to effectively burn calories. Therefore, leave your devices in another room – don’t worry, they’ll be waiting there for you when you get up.

4. Have a cup of calming tea before you go to bed

Some herbal teas have calming effects and can make you sleepy. The same teas can reduce your appetite and prevent you from snacking before bed. The best teas you can have before going to bed are chamomile and lavender tea, but there are some other herbal mixes worth trying as well.

5. Keep your evening meals light

Eating a big meal before going to bed is only going to disrupt your sleep as well as make you pack on pounds. If you’re hungry before bedtime, and you simply must eat something, have something light, something that is easy to digest. You could have a glass of milk or yogurt, or you could eat a portion of salad, but never go for a meal that is difficult to digest, because you’ll neither lose weight that way nor will you sleep tight.

6. Take a warm shower

What you need in order to fall asleep and sleep tight throughout the night is relaxing and de-stressing. And what better way to do that than by taking a warm shower and going to bed fresh and clean, as well as relieved from stress. After a shower, you’ll fall asleep pretty soon, and your body will start burning calories as soon as you are completely relaxed and asleep.

This may sound funny, but research has shown that it actually works and that a good night’s sleep can help you lose weight as well as make you more energized during the day. Make sure you sleep well every night, make healthy lifestyle choices, and you’ll lose all the excess fat on your body much more quickly than when you would exhaust yourself and deprive yourself quality sleep.