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10 Easy Weight-Loss Tips: See You Never, Extra Pounds!

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Weight has always been a sensitive topic for women. But lately men are also getting interested in keeping their bodies fit and trim. With holidays and special occasions being celebrated left and right, how can we lose all those excess weight easily? Is there a sure-fire way to keep the fats at bay and never gain them back? Following the tips below will certainly earn you the body you’ve always wanted and maintain it as well.

Eat More

Instead of eating less, add more healthy food choices in your diet. Add fiber rich foods to compensate for all the fatty foods that you consume. So instead of limiting what you eat, think of it this way, you are actually making way for more healthier food choices to make you lose the weight

Be Creative in Exercising

Just thinking or hearing the word exercise is enough for a person to freeze. But exercising doesn’t only mean going to the gym and tiring yourself out. There are many ways to lose the fat while enjoying like biking, hiking or playing Frisbee at the park.

Brush Right after Eating


This one is a sure fire way to avoid over-eating. Right after you feel that you’ve had enough of food, brush your teeth. Brushing takes you away from the table and also removes the food taste that makes you eat more.

Save Sugar for Your Mornings

Eating more sugar in the morning gives you the energy to be more active and less time thinking about food.

Start Small

If you want to lose a certain number of pounds, let’s say 20 pounds, tell yourself to lose 3 pounds first. Once you achieve it, it’ll be easier to motivate yourself to do more.

Use a Smaller Plate

This is more a psychological trick for you. If you fill a small plate with food and finish it, your mind will think that you’ve eaten a lot already even if it’s just a small amount.


Imagine yourself with a leaner and healthier body. Imagine real hard and remember that image every time you’re faced with food temptation.

Learn a New Skill or Hobby

It keeps your mind away from food and helps you improve yourself. By the end of your diet, you’ll have the perfect body with many interesting skills to speak of.

Slow Down

Consciously tell yourself to slow down while eating. It helps you enjoy your food more, eat less and feel full faster.

Fill up with Water

Drink lots of water. Prepare a pitcher of water with lemon or cucumber slices added to it to refresh and invigorate you. It also fills you up especially during those times when you’re not supposed to be eating.


Going on a diet definitely takes a toll on your patience and discipline especially if you’ve spent most of your life eating anything that you want. Just keep your eyes on your goal and dedicate yourself on working towards a slimmer and healthier you.