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10 Best Natural Hunger Suppressants

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Wouldn’t it be absolutely amazing if you could eat or drink something that is low in calories but can suppress your appetite?  People who eat too many simple carbohydrates tend to be hungry more often and crave larger amounts of food, but with a few simple tweaks you could curb your hunger without taking in many calories. There is no need for appetite suppressing pills, because there are several natural hunger suppressants that do not only make you less hungry but are generally good for your health. Foods that can help you curb hunger are usually those rich in water and fiber. Read on what how you can naturally get rid of hunger besides by eating a whole meal or taking pills.


1. Water

You need to drink water every day in order to stay hydrated so that your organs can function properly. But you probably didn’t know that water can also be of huge help when it comes to controlling your appetite. At the 240th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society, a number of scientists confirmed that drinking just two 8-ounce glasses before each meal can significantly reduce your appetite and lead you to eat less calories for your meal, which consequently leads to weight loss.

A study published in August 2010 found that people who drank two glasses of water previous to each meal consumed 75-90 calories less than people who didn’t drink water did.   Water is one of the main sources of life, and its benefits go far beyond appetite suppression, but it is good to know that something so simple can do so much for you when it comes to appetite and weight control.

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