Warning: 20 Common Prescription Drugs That Cause Memory Loss

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Many prescription drugs have side effects that can have a negative impact on your health, but some are especially dangerous. There are prescription drugs that can cause memory loss, and even death – each year they cause more than 100,000 deaths, and 1.9 million people end up in a hospital due to the side effects. When it comes to memory loss, this is a common side effect of using prescription drugs. There are three types and many subtypes of these drugs, so read on to find out which ones to be careful about and preferably stay away from.


Research conducted at the Montreal Geriatric University Institute by Dr. Cara Tannenbaum found that 18% of the respondents older than 65 experience memory problems and cognitive deficits that are probably linked to the prescription drugs they are taking.

Many drugs that have the ‘anti‘ prefix, besides causing dry mouth, constipation and loss of bladder control, may also cause confusion, blurred vision, light-headedness, and even forgetfulness or loss of memory. They affect the levels of your acetylcholine, which is the most important neurotransmitter for memory and learning.

Sleeping pills are another memory loss causing drug, so you should stay away from them as much as possible if you want your bran function to stay intact.

Statin drugs (those taken to lower cholesterol) are also dangerous when it comes to memory loss.

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