The Incredible Benefits of Tequila (Yes, You Read That Right)

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  • It Doesn’t Give You A Hangover

Wait what? Are you sure we’re talking about the same kind of alcohol?

This, unfortunately, only applies if you go for the high shelf stuff. Tequila, if handled the right way (HINT: shots are NOT the right way) can go down smooth and can be quite enjoyable without the dreaded nasty hangover. Mexican tequila is so strictly regulated, that an alcoholic product may only be called “Tequila” if it is made entirely out of the Blue Weber Agave plant and if it is manufactured in the Tequila region in the Mexican state of Jalisco.

American versions of tequila on the other hand can be made otherwise and may have at least 49% of other liquids, including commonly used sugar based alcohols.

Tequila’s from other countries get so bad that there are actually Tequila “flavored” drinks that are marketed as if they are the real deal. Tequila connoisseurs argue that drinking low shelf tequila is akin to mixing a variety of alcohols and it is this, low-quality Tequila, which makes for legendary nasty hangovers.

  • It Has Been Used As A Folk Medicine For Colds

Yes. As if we needed more excuses to drink Tequila. Back in 1930’s Mexico, doctors used to prescribe a tequila concoction to ward off the common cold. The recipe goes like this: 5 ounces (about 3 jiggers) of tequila blanco; 5 ounces of agave nectar and 5 ounces of fresh lime juice.

  • Helps You Lose Weight

There’s a reason why I was so skinny when I was partying 3 nights a week. It was the tequila! Don’t look at me that way, this fact actually has some scientific evidence to back it up.

According to a study published in the British Journal of Nutrition in 2008 fructans extracted from the plant Agave tequilana prevented weight gain in mice.


Mice were divided into two groups. Some were fed a standard (STD) diet, a group was fed with a STD diet supplemented with Raftilose P95 (RAF; another type of fructan), another was fed with a STD diet supplemented with fructans from Dasylirion spp. (DAS; a type of desert plant), and another was fed with a STD diet supplemented with fructans from Agave tequilana (TEQ). All fructan supplemented diets prevented weight gain in mice as compared to the mice under the STD diets.

Results showed that TEQ supplemented mice had the lowest values of weight gain. Fructan fed mice also showed a decrease in serum glucose and cholesterol levels. They also showed and increased concentration of GLP-1, a peptide that regulates appetite and lipid/glucose metabolism, suggesting a promising effect on weight loss.

  • It Actually Lowers Blood Sugar And Helps Metabolize Lipids

Agavins are fructans that are found in tequila. As mentioned above, these fructans have a positive impact on the synthesis of compounds (GLP-1) that can help regulate lipid and glucose metabolism in the body. I knew there was a healthy reason why I liked tequila so much. It’s practically health food.

  • Tequila Can Help Drugs Work Better

First, we are NOT TALKING about illegal drugs here, people. Second, well this just got real. Tequila is probably going to be the next superfood. Fructans, again, found in tequila seem to provide a protective coating to drug molecules, allowing them to pass through your stomach and its acids to be absorbed by your colon. This increases the effectiveness of any drugs you take, provided they don’t have contraindications against alcohol.

  • It’s A Great Option For Diabetics

The reason why diabetics are discouraged from drinking too much alcohol is because most sugar based alcohols have very short molecular chains. Short molecular chains equals to easy digestion, and easy digestion of sugar means a ready influx of glucose molecules wreaking havoc on your blood sugar levels. Fructans are actually just a polymer of fructose molecules. This means that unlike other sugar-based alcohols the sugar in tequila actually takes longer to digest – it’s a complex carb if you will, and will not affect blood sugar levels as much.

  • It May Help You Absorb Calcium

This just keeps getting better and better. Several studies have shown a link between agavins and increased calcium absorption in the gut, helping you absorb dietary calcium better. 

CAUTION: If you haven’t already figured it out, all claims and studies are based on moderate amounts of tequila.