The Disadvantages of Sleeping or Napping Right after a Meal

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We were lead to believe that if we eat anything right after going to bed will instantly turn into fat, but according to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology that isn’t entirely true. However, even if we’re not going to become fat if we do so, there are still several disadvantages of napping or sleeping right after eating.

Regarding weight gain and the reason why people are saying that sleeping after a meal causes it, when you eat has much to do with it as well as the amount of food you take in. If you drink a glass of yogurt or something that is not fattening in a small amount before bed, your weight will probably not increase. However, your body goes to rest and will not burn those calories while you’re sleeping.

But that may be the most insignificant reason for not going to sleep right after a meal, or eating right before you go to sleep- whichever way you like it better.


1. Going to sleep right after a meal may increase stroke risk

According to a study conducted by researcher Christina-Maria Kastorini, MSc, a nutritionist at the University of Ioannina Medical School in Greece, for every 20 minutes you postpone going to bed after a meal, the risk of stroke drops by 10 percent.

Kastorini explained why going to bed soon after a meal increases the risk of stroke saying that eating before bedtime increases the risk of reflux disease which can cause sleep apnea, which commonly leads to stroke.  Also, when we eat, there are changes in blood sugar and cholesterol level, and those are factors which can increase or decrease the risk of stroke, depending on what and when we eat.

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