Say Goodbye To Stress In 5 Easy Steps

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Closeup on hand of stressed woman sitting on divan

Stress can be caused by many factors and these factors are found all around us. We must be aware of what triggers our stress so that we can avoid it from happening again. There may be times that we really cannot avoid encountering stressful situations, and all we can do is cope with it. The following paragraphs are fast and effective stress busters that you can follow.


If you are at work and you suddenly feel much stressed, stop and take deep breaths. Inhale from your nose and exhale through your mouth, this will relieve stress immediately without having to leave the office. This is very helpful especially during crucial decision making time and meeting deadlines.


Some people will think that exercising is not a stress reliever, but it is. Try taking a walk or running in the early evening. It will give you the opportunity to be alone with your thoughts, enjoy the freedom of the outdoors and rejuvenate you. It gives you time to cool down and think things through. A quick run in the morning will also energize you to face any trials.



Keep things as simple as possible. Organize your work desk and your home. Being organized will help you save time. It will also help you focus on more important matters that need immediate attention. Imagine if you have a messy desk while trying to finish a report. Your attention will be divided between the state of your desk and the report. So keep things organized.

Enough Sleep

Have enough sleep. People who are deprived of enough sleep cannot function well and gets irritated easily, even non-stressful situation can become highly stressful quickly. The number of hours that you sleep is not really important but the quality is. Your sleep should be deep, uninterrupted and peaceful instead of restless and light. If you find it hard to sleep, try aromatherapy before sleeping.


Getting a massage is a way for our bodies to de-stress. It gives you time for yourself to relax and think of nothing else. Having a massage can take away all the pains you feel in your body and also stimulate blood circulation. After working for the whole week and giving attention to everyone around you, you deserve a break. Go ahead and have that one special day to pamper yourself and forget about your worries.


Stress is one of the leading causes of death in the world because it can lead to more serious health problems. Stress is also something that people have tried to solve to make lives easier. The basic thing to remember in managing stress is to figure out the root cause and take appropriate actions to resolve it. If you have to say no to a colleague who is asking for a favor or avoid a person that causes you stress, then do so. Your over-all well-being is more important than thinking of what others might think of you