No Sweat! Exercises to Stay Fit With Little Effort

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Wouldn’t we all like to get and stay fit without having to diet or exercise? Well, it would be great if we could sit behind our desks all day long and not have to suffer the consequences of such an inactive lifestyle. Many fitness experts advertise very intense workouts that can drain you of all your energy and make you use a lot of time, and they usually show good results in a short time. However, it isn’t necessary to spend hours at the gym to get or stay fit. You don’t even have to sweat a lot. Now, don’t get too excited, we’re not selling a magic pill, nor are we trying to convince you that you can stay fit with no exercise whatsoever. But you can stay fit with just a few great exercises, all of which require minimal effort and minimal amount of time – which means that there are no excuses. Additionally, you can always devote some time to your simple workout routine and have an amazing body even if your overall lifestyle is sedentary. Check out these exercises, try them and after a short while, you’ll start seeing great results. Just a reminder – you can’t get or stay fit if you’re constantly eating junk food. Your diet needs to be balanced and in order to be fit and healthy, you need a proper amount of fiber, protein, good fat and carbohydrate and a small amount of starch each day.

1. Walking

You probably walk every day, at least a little bit. If you’re driving a car to work or taking a bus, try parking or getting out a little farther from your place of work and walk for 10-15 minutes. Do the same when you finish working and head back home. Walking is a natural action that we can all do without having to put much effort into it. Walking, especially if you pick up the pace, can often burn more calories than running, and it can help you stay fit and make your metabolism faster. Do you think that you don’t have the time to walk every day? You’d rather go for coffee with your friends? Well, you can do both – take a coffee to go, and walk and talk with your friends. Or, sit in a café and enjoy your coffee, but go for a walk afterwards. The more you walk each day, the healthier you’ll be and the tighter your body.


2. Skip the elevator

It can be tempting to just get into the elevator and let it take us to our apartment, especially after a hard day at work when we just want to come home and relax a little. But how difficult can it be to take the stairs instead? Alright, maybe it will increase your heart rate, and maybe you’ll get a little tired, especially if you live on some of the higher floors. But taking the stairs, at least for 2-3 floors really means a lot. It can help you keep your glutes and thighs tight, your energy will increase and your body will burn calories without you having to go to the gym.

3. Crunches in bed

You’ve just woken up and you don’t feel like doing anything but drinking your morning cup of coffee and getting ready for work? Don’t worry, five minutes of doing crunches in your bed will not mean a lot time-wise, but it will definitely help you stay fit and give you a boost of energy. You’re already lying down, so do 20 crunches and then switch to lifting and lowering your legs while the rest of your body is on the bed – these exercises can work wonders on your lower abdominal muscles. If you’re still in the mood for exercising after that, lay on your stomach with your whole body on the bed, and then slowly lift up your upper body. This exercise will tighten your middle back muscles. Do as many repetitions as you can.

4. Squats

Squats are possibly the best exercise for getting your lower body into shape and staying fit. The lower you go, the more you activate the muscles on your legs and butt. For squats, you also need to keep your body straight and your abs tight, so it is an exercise that works on your entire body. Do as many repetitions as you can.

5. Planks

Planks help you work on your entire body with no movement included. Get into a press up position, bend your elbows and rest your weight onto your forearms. Your body should form a straight line from shoulders to ankles. Just a minute of doing planks, repeated a few times a day will help you achieve and maintain a great body.