Feng Shui Your Office – 7 Tips to Stay Harmonized at Work

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As we tend to spend many hours in the office, it is important that we make it comfortable. Regardless of whether your office is small or big, feng shui can make your work space vibrant and positive and bring good energy, if you apply it right. Nobody can be productive in a cluttered office where the energy is running low. Feng shui your office, and make it a productive place you’ll be happy to go to. Here are some tips on how to stay harmonized at work with the help of feng shui. Use more than one in order to create the best possible atmosphere at work.

1. De-clutter your office

Clutter brings chaos and disorganization. It’s hard to focus when there are papers scattered around your desk, so put away everything you don’t need while you’re working. Don’t you find it much more relaxing to work in a neat and organized environment? Doesn’t clutter cause you stress and bring unwanted tension? In order to become more productive as well as harmonized at the office, file away everything you don’t need at the moment. This will also help you become more successful, so this is a step you shouldn’t skip.

2. Orient your desk

If you have a private office, the best way to create harmony with feng shui is to position your desk opposite the front door. If you share your office, try to orient the desk to face the main door. If you’re not allowed to reposition the furniture in the office, then you should be allowed to get a mirror, which would enable you to see the front door. According to Laura Cerrano of Feng Shui Manhattan, this arrangement offers protection and symbolizes your seeing opportunities as they come to you during your career, which in other words means that this arrangement puts you more in control of what’s happening around you.

3. Organize your things in a creative way


When it comes to clutter, as it was already mentioned, it should be filed away, but in order to organize it in a way that appeals to you, use color binders or whatever organizing methods works best for you. Getting organized can boost your productivity, but managing things the way you like them can also make you more relaxed and harmonized. This way you’ll have a perfect space where your creativity will easily be unleashed.

4. Choose the right chair

As you sit in your office for long periods of time, in order to feel comfortable it is important to have a good chair – one which is ergonomically designed to minimize back and neck aches. Chairs meant for visitors don’t necessarily have to be too comfortable, as they only come for a short while. On the other hand, if you have an uncomfortable chair and you work a desk job, you’re bound to feel some discomfort in your back, and that’s going to reduce your productivity, as well as lower your energy levels and make you less positive.

5. Place your desk a little farther from the door

Sitting too close to the door can put you in a somewhat vulnerable position. If you have your own private office, make sure you place your desk farther from the door, and that you are always facing it. If you’re in a shared office, and someone needs to sit nearer the door than others and that someone is you, try to at least position your desk in such a way that your back is not faced to the door, so you can see when people are approaching or opening the door.

6. Work with good lighting

Nobody can work well in a dark room, or somewhere where lighting is poorly designed. Natural lighting is the best option, so if there are windows in your office, make sure they are not covered with blinds. However, if the light is too bright, a better option would be to cover them to half-length. Of course, not every office has good natural lighting, but some know that a good way to supplement it is to use full spectrum lighting, which increases the visibility and therefore focus and efficiency as well. White light is the best kind of light for an office, while colored (mostly yellow) lights create an overly relaxed atmosphere, in which productivity lowers. If your office doesn’t have good lighting, ask if you can bring your own lamp.

7. Avoid sharp edges

Make sure that no sharp edges are pointed directly to where you sit, as they bring bad energy and can, according to feng shui experts, hamper your career success and even cause you to get ill or blamed for everything that goes wrong.