Drinking Coffee on an Empty Stomach Can Have Detrimental Effects

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Almost all adult Americans drink their coffee immediately after waking up. Some need the caffeine to be able to function and wake up properly, some are just used to the taste and like having that routine, but there are several negative effects of coffee if you drink it before you’ve had a bite to eat. Here is what can happen if you drink coffee on an empty stomach.

1. Your stomach acid increases

When the stomach acid levels in your stomach increase, you can experience indigestion problems that day. If you drink coffee on an empty stomach every day-even worse. Moreover, if you practice this often, the levels of acidity can become very worrying and can lead to development of serious health problems, such as irritable bowel syndrome, stomach ulcers, and such. Also, regardless of the time of day you drink your coffee, cheap coffee of poor quality is more likely to cause acidity, while quality ones are less harmful, so make sure if you’re drinking your cup on an empty stomach- at least drink good coffee. A couple of dollars you would save on a cheaper one will be worthless to you if you lose your health.

2. It can put your hormones out of balance


When you drink your coffee in the morning, it disrupts the production of serotonins so it makes you less bale to feel pleasure and feel well overall. Considering that the lack of serotonin can lead into severe depression, this makes drinking coffee before breakfast very dangerous for our mental health.  Luckily, once a person stops drinking coffee on an empty stomach, there is usually a mood improvement and chemical imbalances reverse. Having said this, it is important to note that you don’t need to quit drinking coffee in general, just don’t drink it while your stomach is empty. If you’re in a hurry to have it after you wake up, have a quick breakfast first, and then enjoy your pleasure. But remember, you should always drink it in moderation because it can have negative effects even if you drink it with or after meals (if you drink too much of it).

3. It increases the levels of cortisol

Drinking coffee on an empty stomach raises the levels of cortisol in your body fast. Since cortisol controls your biorhythm and keeps you awake, by raising it you create a imbalance which can make you crash after the coffee stops working. As with any energy drink, coffee on an empty stomach raises your energy levels quickly, but then afterwards you feel drained out. When you eat something before or while drinking it, this doesn’t happen, so take the time to eat your breakfast first! Cortisol is also known as the hormone of stress, and drinking coffee before eating something can make you nervous, anxious, restless and you probably are then unaware of why that is happening when you have no reason to feel that way.

4. It suppresses appetite

Coffee, as well as several other caffeinated drinks is known to have appetite controlling properties, which can be a great thing in the afternoon if it goes out of hand and you would want to be able to eat less. However, it is also well known that, to keep your metabolism running smoothly and to remain healthy, and even to lose weight, you need to eat your breakfast. Therefore, if you want to suppress your appetite with coffee, don’t do it in the morning- you have the rest of the day for it. But still, don’t overdo it, moderation is the key to maintain good health. Remember, too much coffee, at any time of the day, can raise stomach acidity and create numerous health problems.