Break the Cycle – How to Quit Smoking

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Whether you just recently started or you’ve been a smoker for longer than you’d imagine, when you’re addicted it can be difficult to break the habit. However, if you’re determined to end this nasty habit and start living a healthier life (not to mention the money you’ll save if you stop), there are ways your path can be made easier.  Preparing yourself for this is essential, and creating a plan for quitting will help you break the addiction and become one of those people who’ve successfully stopped smoking.

But first, let’s make something clear. When you’re addicted to cigarettes, you’re addicted both physically and psychologically. However, the physical addiction is much easier to break, as nicotine exits your system in a couple of days. On the other hand, your brain is used to that good feeling nicotine provides, and you may have been using cigarettes to help you cope with stress and negative feelings. Smoking a cigarette with your coffee or alcohol, when you’re at a café with your friends or waiting for a bus can become a habit tough to break. But it is definitely breakable.

In order to successfully stop smoking, you need to think about in which situations you smoke and try to replace this habit with something healthier.


If you smoke more than ten cigarettes per day, you should first decrease the number for 2-3 per day, until you reach ten cigarettes per day or less. When you’ve done that, you are ready to quit (if you’ve decided that you want to do it). The best way to quit smoking is not to use any therapy or medicine to help you with this, but with the emotional support of your surrounding and your will power. This may be tough, but it is more than doable.

The most important steps towards a cigarette-free life are the following.

1. Determine the date of your quitting

This habit is pretty difficult to break if you don’t have a good plan. You also need preparation, mostly emotional- you need to prepare yourself that from one date on you won’t smoke anymore. Once you’ve set that date, stick to it. Let your friends and family know what you’re about to do, and ask for support.

2. Avoid situations which incline you to smoke

Those are situations such as going out with smokers and drinking coffee with them. Not forever, just until you’ve stabilized your progress. Also, if there is a time of the day when you especially need/want a cigarette, try to identify that time and find something else to do then. For instance, you could cook, sing, write a diary, etc.

3. Remove all the cigarettes and ashtrays from your house

Having those in your home will be a constant reminder that you used to smoke, and you’ll probably only remember how good cigarettes used to make you feel, while you’ll forget about what they did to your health.

4. Use the money you saved to treat yourself

You’ll save lots of money when you quit smoking. Let this motivate you and help you break the habit. A couple of days without cigarettes will save you enough money to buy a nice shirt, or something else you like. In a couple of months you’ll save enough to pay a short vacation.

5. If you fail, get up and try again

If you’ve fallen into the clutches of temptation and took a cigarette after you’ve ‘stopped’ smoking, don’t let it destroy all your efforts. Admit you were wrong, and get back on that horse.