9 Ways Your Body Parts Warn You about Possible Health Problems

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Many people look at themselves in the mirror more than once each day, but we don’t always know how to link potential health problems to the way we look. Our looks actually tell us a lot about our general health, and in order to get to know our bodies better and try to achieve optimal health, we should learn how to recognize warnings our body gives us. Of course, a certain potential health problem doesn’t have to be visible over the entire body- our body parts give the red flags and warn us that our health may be endangered. Read on to learn more about the ways your body parts warn you about possible health problems, and knowing them may help you prevent disease or treat it in time before the symptoms get worse.


1.EYES – Bumpy patches on the eyelid

Have you ever seen yellowish bumps on your eyelids? They may be a sign of high cholesterol. These bumps usually occur near the inner canthus of the eyelid and can also be associated with artherosclerosis, dysplidemia and coronary artery disease. A symptom that appears around or on your eyes usually have little to do with the eyes themselves, and they are warnings that something is wrong somewhere else in the body. These patches are commonly mistaken for a style, but they’re smaller than a stye and there’s usually more than one.

If you see something on your eyelid and you believe that it may be xanthelasma palpebra (the medical name for these bumps), you should see your doctors and let him or her make the diagnosis. Sometimes, it is enough for a doctor to look at your eyes to diagnose you with high cholesterol. When it comes to other potential diseases mentioned above, your doctor may draw some blood in order to make a proper diagnosis. Don’t disregard the patches on your eyelids thinking that they will go away on their own. They may, but then you’ll miss the warning about a possible health problem.

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