9 Ways to Avoid Bloating

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Bloating can be very uncomfortable, but many people don’t know a good way to get rid of it or avoid it, possibly because they don’t actually know what causes it. Bloating could be defined as the feeling of an increased pressure in the abdomen caused usually by excess gas production. Sometimes bloating is so extreme that a bloated person has a stomach like a woman in her 5th month of pregnancy. Besides making you look fat, bloating usually also often causes pain and discomfort. Although bloating can be caused by some medical conditions, many completely healthy persons experience bloating from time to time, due eating too much or eating foods they are intolerant to. So, here are 9 good ways to avoid bloating.


1. Rule out allergies and intolerances

If you’re constantly bloated and you’re not eating too much or too fast, there is a possibility that you have a food allergy- they can cause gas and bloating. Of course, if you’re bloated all the time, you can’t just make a diagnosis by yourself- you need to see a doctor who will confirm it. The most common foods that can cause bloating in allergic or intolerant persons are wheat, fructose, eggs and dairy products. However, if you’re not oversensitive to these foods and self-diagnosed, you’d probably be cutting out some good nutritious foods for no reason. That’s why tests are so important.

If you suspect that you are allergic to wheat or lactose intolerant, try to reduce the amount of those foods, just to see if there would be less bloating if you did.

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