9 Dangerous Toxins in Baby Toys and Products

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1. Mercury

What kind of a world do we live in where mercury can be so easily found in our children’s toys?

Mercury enters the environment through air pollution and industrial waste and apparently our children’s toys. More and more toys sold today are failing industry requirements because of the high concentrations of mercury found in these toys, exposing us and our children to mercury poisoning.


Continuous exposure to mercury, no matter how negligible the amount, has been linked with serious health problems. Early exposure to mercury has been linked to ADHD and neurological impairments. Some consequences of mercury poisoning can be irreversible. Another reason mercury is so dangerous is because it accumulates in the environment, eventually making its way upwards the food chain.

Mercury compounds tend to be more toxic than the liquid elemental mercury. A mercury compound, dimethylmercury, is so highly toxic that a mere microliter of it spilled on the skin can cause death.

Signs that your child has been exposed to mercury include: itching, redness, burning of the skin, loss of hair, teeth, and nails. They may also develop muscle weakness and intense sensitivity to light.

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