8 Ways to Calm an Upset Stomach

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Sometimes you may have an upset stomach immediately after eating a meal, and sometimes the discomfort occurs hours after you’ve eaten. In any case, it is uncomfortable and it can make you feel bloated, or even queasy and you need to throw up. Having an upset stomach can make you incapable of doing anything but lying and waiting for the pain to go away. Sometimes you can’t even do the simplest everyday tasks. While the best advice we can give you is to stay away from the foods that make you feel bad, that doesn’t help in relieving the pain and discomfort once it’s already troubling you. So, here is a list of things you can do to calm an upset stomach and move on with your daily activities (paying attention not to eat or drink what made you feel like that in the first place).

1. Eat a banana

These tasty fruits are not just there to provide you with energy and serve as a good afternoon or morning snack. The best thing about bananas is that they can be easily digested and they do not contribute to your stomach being more upset than it already is. In fact, bananas are a great way to relieve an upset stomach once you already have it. Due to their pectin content which helps naturally firm bowel movements, you will feel relief soon after eating this fruit. However, you will also probably have to go to the toilet soon after eating it on an upset stomach.

2. Take a heating pad

When your stomach is upset, a heating pad can help you sooth it. If you’re feeling like the pain in your stomach and the discomfort are unbearable, take a bottle of hot water or an electric blanket and curl up until your symptoms go away. This may be the best way to calm an upset stomach that doesn’t involve taking medications, foods or drinks. The heat will help relax your muscles and calm the pain and cramping, while also reducing nausea. However, don’t overdo it as applying heat to your skin for too long can lead to skin damage.

3. Drink a glass of yogurt


Yogurt has long been used for treating indigestion and stomach upset. Of course, the yogurt you choose should contain live bacteria cultures which are known to help establish balance between good and bad bacteria inside your intestines. That way, your body can quickly get over indigestion and stomach pain. If after a glass of yogurt you don’t feel relief, try another one after an hour or two. Yogurt also contains a good amount of protein, so if your stomach upset is making you unable to eat anything concrete, you could replace a meal with a big glass of this amazing dairy product.

4. Use mint

Mint is a very health beneficial herb that is used to treat various health conditions, while also being consumed for pure enjoyment as a tea or an addition to smoothies or cocktails. Mint also has the ability to quickly relieve nausea and pain in the stomach area, mainly due to its antibacterial and antispasmodic properties. You could take fresh mint leaves and use a blender to make a juice out of them. One teaspoon of leaves is enough. If you want to add a little to the taste of this liquid, you could also add some honey and lemon juice (or lime), and drink the beverage two or three times per day until you feel significant relief.

5. Eat white rice

When your stomach is upset, it is a good idea to keep your eating simple, and stick to simple white foods such as white rice, white toast or cooked potatoes. These foods are all consisted of starchy carbohydrates which you should not eat in excess amounts on a daily basis. But when your stomach needs help, these foods are excellent because they are easy to digest and they don’t put additional stress to your digestive system which is already struggling. Eating white rice and the other mentioned foods will also help you if you have diarrhea, as they will absorb the water and add bulk to your stool.

6. Eat applesauce

If you have an upset stomach, you should stay away from fresh apples for a while. On the other hand, cooked apples are much easier to digest, so eating applesauce can be a great way to relieve the discomfort you’re feeling. Applesauce is beneficial for relieving an upset stomach because, similarly to bananas, they contain good levels of pectin which helps improve digestion.

7. Drink some herbal tea

Herbal teas usually have a calming effect on your stomach, but there are a few kinds that actually help relieve stomach upset. Mint and chamomile tea have been used to heal stomach aches and relieve several types of stomach discomfort. Besides that, mint tea also helps with nausea, while both chamomile and mint relieve abdominal pain and treat an upset stomach. However, even if you choose some other herbal tea, it is likely to calm your stomach, as any warm liquid has that ability if the upset is not too intense.

8. Have some ginger

Ginger has been shown to treat digestive problems and nausea, and taking it with your tea or chewing a small piece of it can really calm your upset stomach.  However, don’t take more than 4 grams of ginger per day, as it may become too intense for your stomach.