8 Ways to Beat Dry Skin during Winter

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Winter usually turns into a nightmare for our skin which immediately dries up that can even lead to pain and cracking. We often forget that just like we need to protect our body from the cold with warm, cozy clothes, we need to think about our skin as well. Our face and hands are the most exposed to the winter cold and that’s what we need to pay the most attention to.  Luckily, dry skin can easily be prevented and treated, with just a few easy tips.

1. Use sunscreen

We’re not joking. Sunscreen should be your skin’s best friend not only during the summer but all year long, because the sun doesn’t go anywhere just because it’s cold. Winter sun is still dangerous for your skin and causes damage so you need to put a layer of sunscreen on your face and hands whenever you’re planning to spend more than half an hour outside.

2. Keep yourself well hydrated

Drinking a lot of water is in every book about health. Keeping yourself hydrated has all sorts of benefits on your body, and preventing dry skin is just one of them. So don’t forget to take your regular dose of fluids for the day, and you will have one less thing to worry about. Not only will your skin look younger, but your overall health will be on a much higher level.

3. Moisturize

This is the most important thing you can do for your skin. And not only during the cold winter months, but throughout the whole year. However, when the cold weather attacks your skin, moisturizing is essential. You should also keep in mind that those moisturizers that usually work on your skin, may be defenseless against the cruel winter air so you need an oil-based moisturizer for this time of year. And make sure you apply it immediately after taking a bath so that the skin retains more water.


4. Avoid hot water

There’s nothing better than a super-hot shower to bring you back to life after a freezing winter day. Well, actually not. Taking a bath or showering with hot water is actually bad for your skin. This takes the natural oils your skin produces out and as a result, it dries your skin. So next time, turn the temperature down a notch even though it may be tempting to use boiling hot water.

5. Use Chapstick

Your lips deserve care too, especially in the winter. And this is a perfect excuse to get your Chapstick out of your purse as often as you like. Choose one of the dozens cute flavors and colors so you can make your lips pretty while you protect them at the same time. And bring this little lifesaver with you wherever you go.

6. Protect your hands

In the fight against cold weather, you should never neglect your hands. They are in the front lines and suffer the most in this situation. And you may not even know it, but the skin on your hands is thinner than on other parts of your body. This means that it deserves extra care. The first line of defense is using plenty of hand cream and often. And the second one is wearing gloves whenever you step outside. It’s simple but it makes a huge difference.

7. Cleansers instead of peels

If even with all you do to protect your skin, your face still gets dry and coarse, you might feel the need to bring out the heavy machinery and use a scrub. But don’t expose your face to even more damage. The peels and scrubs will remove the dead cells but also the precious natural skin oil that we already mentioned. Your skin will become even more vulnerable without it and you may make things worse. So avoid these products and opt for a gentle cleanser instead.

8. Use Vaseline

This little magic substance will be your greatest ally during the winter. Why? Because you can use it on literally every part of your body that needs a little help. It could be your lips, hands or feet, Vaseline is there to fix it. So go to the nearest drugstore and get yourself a jar of Vaseline and don’t worry about dry skin anymore.