8 Signs That Your Body Is Craving For a Detox

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The world we live in today is a much harsher environment than it used to be. Toxins in the water, air, earth and even in our own food have made us vulnerable to different kinds of diseases. Obesity, chronic pain and sluggishness are just some of the things that have become normal in our day to day experience. That is why it is imperative to assist our bodies in dealing with the burden of eliminating toxins. Below are some of the symptoms to look out for to know if you are in dire need of a detox session or two.


Most of our skin problems come from external factors. Allergens like pollen and dust, skin irritants like fungus and bacteria. But did you know that skin problems can also be an indication that your body needs a serious detoxification and that your eating habits need to change stat? When you ingest too much refined sugar your body goes into a chronic state of low-level inflammation. Because of that, skin problems start to crop up and you become more sensitive to allergens. Another reason for this is that all the junk food we eat and drink, the chemicals we put on our hair and skin, and just the pollution we subject ourselves to everyday can change the pH levels of our skin. This change in pH causes death in some of the microbial flora on our skin and an overgrowth in other types of microbes like the Candida fungus. The loss of balance in the microbial flora of our skin creates skin problems.


Are you having trouble falling asleep or waking up all through the night? Your liver could be under more stress than usual. Our liver’s function is twofold. It functions to flush out and metabolize toxins in our body as well us aid in our digestion. According to Ayurvedic practitioners, the liver is at its most active between 10pm and 2am. If your liver is under a lot of stress you could have trouble falling asleep between those times or if you are already asleep, you can expect to be woken up unexpectedly during those times. A diet with poor amounts of vitamin C, water and choline may also cause lack of sleep.



Low energy during the day is a natural consequence of insomnia, but aside from low energy caused by lack of sleep, a body running on refined sugars could also experience significant drops in energy during the day. A body that is in deep need of a sugar detox will feel tired and sluggish much of the day. Eating refined sugars sets you up for more sugary cravings. These cravings of simple carbohydrates provide what we commonly refer to as “a sugar rush” but after the rush is over the body feels tired and depleted. Training your body and taste buds away from simple carbs can help stop this vicious cycle.


Most toxins are fat soluble. This means that the body stores them in fat cells in order to neutralize these threats to the body. In an effort to protect the system, when there is a huge amount of toxins in our body, the body itself refuses to release fat cells. In effect, despite all our efforts at caloric restriction and exercising, the body will refuse to shed that extra fat. Trouble losing weight, especially if accompanied by sluggishness, difficulty focusing and problems in the bedroom, can be a sign of adrenal fatigue. Adrenal fatigue can often result from your body becoming overwhelmed by toxins.


Chronic constipation can be a sign of years of accumulated waste in your colon. If the constipation persists despite ingesting increased amounts of water (3 liters a day) and fiber, it may be a sign that you have a problem with digestion. A colon cleanse may be in order to provide relief to chronic constipation.


Headaches are a pretty clear signal from your body that something is wrong. This is especially true when the headaches are unexplained and chronic. A constant state of inflammation, often caused by a diet exceeding in refined sugars, can cause inflammation in the vessels and cause head pain. Unexplained headaches could also be caused by dehydration from too much alcohol in the system. Increasing your intake of water, which is also a great way to detox, could easily alleviate these symptoms.


Unexplained soreness is usually caused by inflammation. As mentioned above, this inflammation can be alleviated by putting yourself on a sugar detox. Too much protein in the diet can also put a burden on the liver and the digestive system, allowing bigger particles of protein to remain intact, causing allergic reactions of the muscles and the entire body. This may also cause the soreness.


Having colds frequently could mean that your immune defenses are down. Toxins can destroy white blood cells, our primary defense against pathogens, leaving us vulnerable to infection.