50 Most Frequent Medical Myths Finally Answered

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Science is a dynamic and ever changing field. For this reason, it is not uncommon for scientific information to become outdated and to be morphed into so-called medical myths: information that is typically accepted as true by the general public or even by some health practitioners, but is largely unsupported by science.

In the digital age, these myths are continuously perpetuated by unknowing netizens that have accepted these facts to be true regardless of their uncertain background. Below are 50 of the most prevailing medical myths of the internet age. 

1. The Pill Can Cause Weight Gain

So many women have gotten off the pill or choose not to use it for fear of gaining weight. This myth got started because when pills were first introduced in the 1960’s they had a thousand times more hormones than the pills commonly available in the market today. These pills, because of the astronomically high levels of estrogen present in them, did indeed cause weight gain and a slew of unwanted side effects such as nausea and terrible mood swings.



Nowadays, pills have much lower dosages of hormones and no link can be found between the modern contraceptive and weight gain. In a review of 44 studies about the side effects of the pill, there was no evidence whatsoever that it could cause weight gain. If you really feel that your contraceptive of choice is causing unwanted weight gain, whether by fluid retention or increased appetite, you can talk to your family doctor about possibly using a pill with lower doses of estrogen or use another type of contraceptive altogether.

2. Don’t Swallow Gum! It Stays In Your Digestive System For 7 Years 

This myth probably came about because of how seemingly resilient chewing gum is, considering it cannot be broken down by mere saliva. It is pretty safe to say that only children believe in this considering 7 years is a pretty long time to digest something.


It will make you feel safe to know that chewing gum has 4 components and our bodies can break down 3 of these easily. What is the last component you ask? – It is gum resin. But not to worry, this component will just naturally travel down the digestive tract and will just come out during a bowel movement. This is not to say that we should swallow every piece of gum we come across since it will not stick to our digestive tracks. It is still advised to use chewing gum as told by its instructions which is to chew it, and then later spit it out.

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