20 Things to Immediately Dispose Of for Better Health

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When trying to get healthier, there are a number of things you need to do. First, and maybe the most important thing is to take better care of your nutrition and stop eating junk food. The next priority should be physical activity that should be regular and intense enough to get your heart pumping and you sweating. In order to get healthier you will definitely need to buy some things, such as healthy food, a good pan so you don’t have to use much oil when preparing food, maybe some fitness equipment and clothes, healthy whole foods and many more things.

But in the process of achieving better health, you don’t only need to acquire and buy, but to throw out some items as well. These things that should be thrown out are those keeping you from obtaining your goals and achieving the best possible health. And no – we are not talking only about food here. Although junk food is a huge factor in keeping you from getting it right, there are some other things that get in the way of health, so those are the things you should get rid of. Make some popcorn (go low on the salt) and get ready to take notes, here are the things you should not keep in your home, so prepare a bag to throw them away.


1. Air fresheners

They do smell good, we can’t deny that. And when you think your apartment has an awkward scent having an air freshener fix the problem seems convenient. However, these products can be very hazardous to your health, because they have some chemicals that are toxic and that can pile up in our bodies if frequently exposed to them. This, over the course of several years, can lead to various health problems, including the development of some types of cancer and some less serious conditions, such as chronic fatigue syndrome. According to the Natural Resources Defense Council, air fresheners are currently not being tested to discover their effects, but the study they conducted showed that there are high levels of phthalates, harmful chemicals (especially for children), even in the air fresheners which are labeled as “all-natural”.

Of course, these chemicals were not disclosed in the ingredient list. Recently, air fresheners have been using some other chemicals as well, which basically destroy our sense of smell and then we are tricked to believe that the air is fresh, but the truth is that we really can’t smell anything, even if something smells bad. The loss of this sense is temporary, but it doesn’t make these chemicals any less serious. They can be poisonous and carcinogenic as they damage the mucous membrane. Not to mention the fact that everything that we inhale gets absorbed into our bloodstream and intoxicates us. So throw away these products for your own good, and keep your house clean instead of masking bad smells with fresheners.

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