15 Reasons You’re Always Tired

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Besides being tired because you haven’t slept enough last night, there are some other factors that can make you feel tired. Those are the little things you do or don’t do throughout the day and doing them or skipping them can make you feel worn out and drowsy, lazy and sleepy, exhaust you both mentally and physically. Sometimes you feel sleepy even after a good night’s sleep and plenty of sleep hours. No matter the reason for being tired all the time, this constant sleepiness is becoming more and more common and a problem that experts started working on.


According to David G. Davila, a doctor and spokesman at the National Sleep Foundation, this happens to patients as well as doctors and when people are tired all the time they can’t seem to be able to stay alert and successfully complete mental tasks. This becomes very dangerous when the tired person is behind the wheel and struggles to stay awake. When the person loses control, accidents may happen. Therefore, because of these dangerous horror scenarios, it is important to deal with this problem on time, and the first step towards becoming a well rested, functional individual is to figure out what the factors that are making us tired are. Once we realize what the cause of the constant tiredness is, we will be able to avoid these habits that exhaust us and do more of those activities that contribute to being energized, rested and alert – ready to complete all the daily obligations successfully.

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