12 Ways to Get Enough Protein When You Don’t Eat Meat

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They say that eating meat is necessary if you want to build your cells and muscles properly by taking in enough protein daily. However, some people just don’t eat meat often. Some are vegetarian or vegan, but some simply don’t like meat and they prefer eating other sorts of foods. Our bodies cannot properly function without protein. A protein deficiency can lead to muscle weakness, hair loss, fatigue, and many other undesirable conditions. Many nutritionists argue that without eating meat we cannot satisfy our daily needs for protein.

Well, whatever your reason for not eating meat is, you can relax because there are some ways to get enough protein without having to eat meat. The ways to do that include eating dairy and eggs, so not all these advices are fit for vegans, but if you’re not one, you’ll find this article very useful. So, how can you get enough protein without meat? Easy! Introduce the following foods into your daily diet.


1. Seitan

Seitan is also known as wheat gluten, so for people with gluten intolerance this food is not appropriate. However, for all the others who don’t have the problem with this type of protein and don’t eat meat, this is probably one of the best foods to be included into their diet. Seitan contains 75% protein, which means that with only 100 grams of this food you can take in half or more of your daily protein requirement (nutritionists suggest that the optimal protein dose per day is 2grams per one kilogram (or 2 pound) of your weight. Besides providing impressive levels of protein, seitan is also low in carbohydrates, which makes it good for all those who are trying to lose weight. It is also high in iron and calcium, while very low in fat and sodium.

There are many chicken and turkey recipes where you can use seitan as a good replacement. It tastes pretty good, so you won’t miss meat at all, once you get used to its flavor.

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