12 Most Bizarre and Horrible Diseases

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1. Necrotizing Fasciitis

Necrotizing fasciitis is a horrifying bacterial skin infection that causes the body’s soft tissue to die. In a very short period of time, this disease can reach a serious stage and become life-threatening.  Diagnosis as well as proper and timely treatment with antibiotics given straight to the vain (sometimes surgery is required as well) is very important for stopping this infection and preventing it from killing the diseased person.

This disease is commonly known as the ‘flesh-eating infection’ and it can be caused by several types of bacteria, some of which are streptococcus, Escherichia coli, Klebsiella and others. There have been many cases of this type of infection due to an increase in immunocompromised patients who suffer from diabetes or cancer, are alcoholics, have vascular insufficiencies, have had an organ transplant, etc.

Basically, people with very weak immune systems are susceptible to this disease, and since 1883 there have been over 500 cases of necrotizing fasciitis, mostly in African and Asian countries. The disease rarely strikes children, and is most common among people between the ages of 38 and 44.

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