12 Medical Myths Even Most Doctors Believe In

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Decade after decade we find that scientifically backed beliefs can be easily undone by new technology and more thorough research; proof that we still don’t know everything and that there is so much more to discover along the way. Science is a dynamic study not a static one, why only a decade ago Pluto was still a planet—and now it’s not.

Here are some of our most long held beliefs about medical myths and what science has to say about them.

MYTH 1: Eating Breakfast to Lose Weight

This is one of the most prevailing medical myths of this generation. Most health experts seem to think that eating a well-balanced breakfast is the key to living healthy and losing weight. Does this mean that everybody who does not like to eat breakfast will have to somehow find a way to eat it? – Not so fast.


In a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (2014), a study divided 309 obese but otherwise healthy participants into two groups. One group would eat breakfast and the other would not, to see if there would be a significant difference in weight loss. After a 16-week period there was no significant difference in weight between those who ate breakfast and those who didn’t, presumably because both groups might have been eating an unhealthy diet like most people do.

A long-held belief that breakfast jump starts our metabolism is also being challenged. Turns out, metabolism has more to do with muscle mass and the presence of human growth hormones than it has to do with what time of the day you have your first meal.

While eating breakfast may be unnecessary for weight loss, it is also important to mention that it does have its own virtues. Eating a well-balanced breakfast can help you stay fuller for longer and prevent mindless snacking—the operating phrase here being, a well-balanced breakfast. Children who have breakfast have also been shown to be more alert at school. So while it is unnecessary, breakfast might still be a good idea IF you enjoy it.

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