11 Worst Cancer-Causing Chemicals in Your Beauty Products

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With the development of industrialization came more exposure to substances that are bad for our health. Some ingredients in the beauty products we use on a daily basis can be toxic, carcinogenic and can even put your hormones out of balance. Unfortunately, most personal care products and cosmetics have at least one such ingredient, and in order to preserve our health we should be more aware of what is written on the labels. However, some of those products don’t state all the ingredients, and the worst thing is that the FDA doesn’t do much about it and those harmful products stay on the market, potentially causing damage to people who use them. Here are the worst cancer-causing chemicals that may or may not be written on the labels but are most probably in your beauty products.

1. BHA


BHA, beta hydroxyl acid, better known as salicylic acid is an ingredient contained in numerous beauty products and is commercialized as a beneficial ingredient that provides valuable benefits for most skin types. This ingredient is usually used in moisturizers and as a preservative for makeup, as well as in certain foods (also as a preservative). Now the bad side of BHA – it can cause allergic reactions in the skin. That was the less dangerous hazard. According to the International Agency for Research on Cancer, BHA is a possible carcinogen for humans.

Its toxicity to aquatic organisms has been proven, and according to the European Commission on Endocrine Disruption, it greatly disrupts the hormonal balance and prevents normal hormonal function. In Canada, this substance has been categorized as a “high human health priority” due to its carcinogenicity and it is yet to be studied for more evidence on whether it really causes cancer, increases the risk for it, or if it is only harmful in certain situations.

In the European Union, BHA is a forbidden substance in cosmetics and if a product contains it – it may not be sold. On the other hand, in the State of California, such products may be sold but the labels must contain the information about BHA and its toxicity and possible carcinogenicity. Besides the mentioned hazards that BHA exposes us to, it is also toxic to the liver and damages our immune and nervous system.

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