10 Worst Diabetes Diet Myths

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MYTH 1: Diabetes Is Caused By Sugar

It is commonly accepted knowledge that diabetes is caused by sugar. Unfortunately it is much more complicated than that. In cases of Type 1 diabetes, the body can no longer produce insulin because the body itself is destroying the cells that produce it. Why or how this happens remains largely unclear but genetic and environmental factors could play a role. Similar to Type 1 diabetes, the cause for Type 2 diabetes is largely unknown. It has, however, been found to be largely correlated to obesity, heredity and a sedentary lifestyle.


Some ethnic groups are more at risk to develop diabetes than others: American Indians, African Americans, Hispanics/Latinos, American Asians and Pacific Islanders.

After years of carefully studying diabetes cases no significant correlation has been found between sugar and diabetes. Sugar, however, contributes considerably to obesity and obesity puts you more at risk for diabetes. It is hard to separate sugar itself from the total amount of calories it contributes to a diet and any research that has specifically linked sugar to diabetes has failed to prove that it was indeed SUGAR and not the amount of calories regularly consumed by the patient that caused the development of diabetes.

We will say this though, regulating sugar is important in the management of both types of diabetes. Once the body has gotten to a point where it can no longer produce insulin, it becomes crucial to monitor blood glucose levels, and the best way to do this is to cut back on sugary food.

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