10 Ways to Save Your Heart

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Every 43 seconds someone dies from heart attack. Coronary heart disease is the most widespread type of heart disease, and in the U.S. alone it kills more than 370,000 people every year. But that’s not everything – more than 600 thousand Americans die of heart disease every year, which is 1 in every 4 deaths.

What can you do to ensure you’re not next?

1. Avoid Air-Polluted Areas

Breathing in even the smallest amount of aero pollutants can lead to the thickening of coronary and carotid arteries. That means that the flow of blood through the artery worsens and if it is not treated it may lead to a stroke or heart attack. The density of these particles is the highest at morning, especially during winter, so maybe you should consider rescheduling that morning jog for the afternoon.

2. Mind Your BPM

First thing in the morning, measure your BPM and write it down. You should have around 70 beats-per-minute if your heart is healthy. If your morning BPM is significantly higher than 70 for more than a week, consult your physician.

3. Aspirin’s Your Friend

According to a study conducted at the University of North Carolina, aspirin prevents heart disease. Besides, it has been proven that aspirin is cheaper and more efficient than many other drugs specifically prescribed to treat heart disease.

4. Love Him/Her Two Times

It has been proven that men who have sexual intercourse once a month or less are at a 45% higher risk of developing heart disease compared to those who make love two or 3 times a week. A study published in the American Journal of Cardiology claims that sex has a positive impact on the cardiovascular system, just like regular exercise. But let’s face it – what’s better, doing crunches or…

5. Go Nuts


Walnuts are the absolute champions when it comes to the content of alpha-Linolenic acid, which is a type of omega-3 amino acid that fights against chronic inflammation, says Dr. Larry Santora.  According to a study conducted at Yale University, eating a handful of walnuts a day will significantly improve the function of your cardiovascular system.

6. Stop to Breathe

Who would have thought that something as simple as breathing can help your heart? According to a study published in Hypertension Research, you should stop and breathe deeply, or even better take 5 deep breaths in 30s and you can expect your heart pressure to lower in no time. The study concludes that if you exercise this breathing technique regularly your heart pressure will be kept under control.

7. Eat More Tomatoes

Tomatoes are rich in lycopene, an antioxidant which contrary to other nutrients found in fresh vegetables isn’t lost during thermal processing. Several studies have shown that eating tomatoes regularly lowers the risk of cancer and heart disease, and prevents skin damage.

8. Don’t Let Your Job Get to You

A study published in Psychosomatic Medicine claims that job fatigue raises stress levels and damages your heart. It might not seem logical, but the best way to stave off fatigue is regular exercise. Working cardio exercises two to three times a week can reduce stress levels by 57% and fight off fatigue. – Being in shape means being healthy.

9. A 5-Minute Walk Will Save Your Heart

According to a study conducted at Cambridge University, a sedentary lifestyle is actually more deadly than obesity. Moreover, if we would rule out inactivity as an issue, mortality rates would decrease by around 7.5% – that is, 676,000 people would probably be still alive today.

If your job has you anchored to a desk, it doesn’t mean you can’t make a 5-minute break every two hours or so and just walk around the office. Those 5 minutes can make all the difference.

10. Join the Dark Side

Eating dark chocolate with a high cacao content can have a great effect on your heart. Studies show that women who eat one or two portions of dark chocolate a week have 32% less risk of developing heart disease, while men who have one small dark chocolate a week are at a 17% less risk of suffering a stroke.

Polyphenols and flavonoids are what makes dark chocolate so heart healthy, and the best kind has more than 60% of cacao content. And remember that chocolate also raises your serotonin levels which will bring a smile to your face every day.