10 Ways to Boost Your Energy within Minutes- No Coffee Required

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When your energy is running low and you need something to pick you up, you probably turn to coffee or en energy drink and you are probably unaware of all the other things you could do to raise your energy. Many people are drinking way too much coffee, and they are taking in caffeine in doses larger than healthy.  If you’re struggling to stay alert and over-relying on coffee, you should know that your daily cup of Joe is neither necessary, nor the most effective thing to keep you awake. Instead, bear with us and explore some great ways to boost your energy within minutes.


1.Lighten up the room

Spending time in a dark room will surely get you sleepy or lower your energy levels. Our body tends to link the darkness with bedtime, so whenever you’re spending time in a dark room you’re probably feeling somewhat sleepy, or at least not as alert.

But by simply turning on the light (or more lights), even if it’s artificial, your body will positively respond to it and you’ll automatically feel more awake.  If it’s the middle of the day, open the curtains and let the natural light in. If you have the chance, go outside for a bit, or at least to a terrace. Daylight will surely have a good influence and you’ll feel more energized. If your fatigue is stubborn and it won’t go away with the help of just light, don’t worry, we’ve got more tips for you.

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