10 Signs That You Might Have Adult ADD/ADHD

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2. Restlessness

While children with ADHD are usually hyperactive and sometimes too energetic, adults with the same condition are ‘just’ restless. It is easier to notice when a child has ADHD, because he or she tends to run around the house or simply show how much excess energy he or she has.

On the other hand, adults are only restless, which according to Colette de Marneffe, PhD, a clinical psychologist in Silver Spring, is a more subtle form of hyperactivity, and it’s not easy to see it as a sign of ADHD. However, looking back to your childhood if you’re restless now, and remembering that you were a little hyperactive when you were at school and you simply couldn’t sit still, that is a sign that you might have the condition, but you just haven’t been diagnosed yet.

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