10 Secret Dangers of Cosmetic Surgery

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1. Development of More Problem Areas

The main reason why people turn to cosmetic surgery is because they think it will fix their physical problems. In a lot of ways it does for some, however, often it just creates a cascade of one problem area to be solved after another.

We often wonder why there are people who become addicted to cosmetic surgery and this is probably why – apparently cosmetic surgery can cause such an imbalance in your body that it may eventually become a necessity for you to constantly be tweaking your looks. 


In an interview with, Anne Wallace, chief of plastic surgery at the University of California, San Diego Health System, revealed that patients are often taken by surprise when the initial cosmetic work they had done quite literally causes other parts of their body to become a problem area. For example, after undergoing liposuction on their abdomens patients may find that fat will still accumulate, except that now it will do so in terribly unflattering areas, like the upper abdomen, upper back and arms.

This certainly does not mean that your body has now magically gained a propensity for storing fat in weird areas after surgery. Liposuction reduces fat in specific areas by destroying and extracting fat cells. In this way, areas that have been exposed to liposuction will have some resistance to depositing fat. But if an individual gains weight, fat has to go somewhere, right?

The fat will now be redistributed evenly all over the body, EXCEPT in areas where fat cells have been removed, making your body look uneven. 

In the same vein, patients may also find that using Botox to “freeze” certain muscles requires other muscles in your face to overcompensate, creating an uneven look to your face. Rhinoplasty and other face implants may result in other parts of your face or body looking mismatched to your new appearance, requiring you now to fix even more things.

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