10 Eye Opening Health Truths

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1. What makes your eyes red in the swimming pool is not chlorine but actually pee.

When you get out of a public pool the next time, and your eyes are red, know that it is not chlorine’s fault. What actually happens is a chemical reaction between chlorine and pee and chlorine and sweat. Yes, people still pee in the pool.


The Centers for Disease Control are putting this information out in the open so more Americans would be aware of the health hazards that lurk in pool water, and what to do to prevent them (for example, don’t pee in the pool?). It would be a shame to avoid such a great activity just because some people don’t feel like going out of the pool to empty their bladder. But the reaction between urine, sweat and chlorine doesn’t irritate only your eyes, but your lungs as well, and that is where that nasty cough comes from.

An additional health threat is posed when we swim in the same pool as a person with diarrhea. And no, it is not necessary that a person poops into the pool for us to be infected with parasitic germs, and no, chlorine will not stop the germs from getting to us, especially if they are swimming close by.

The pool is not so big, and all the bacteria and diseases lurk nearby.

Since sweat, urine, diarrhea (and many other bacteria) in the pool can affect our health, showering before entering the pool and encouraging others to do the same seems like a good idea. That way they can wash off some of the germs and make the pool a less dangerous environment.

Other measures of precaution include not entering the pool if you are sick or have diarrhea, in order to protect others; not ever peeing inside the pool, and not entering the pool if you have open wounds.

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