10 Dangers of Teeth Whitening No One is Telling You About

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As teeth whitening treatments became popular, more and more people started beautifying their potentially stained and discolored teeth, or simply making their already white teeth whiter. And with all the discounts, it isn’t even so expensive, so many people can afford it, and why wouldn’t they want to look better, right?

Even though teeth whitening is really a good thing when it comes to having a nice(r) smile, it doesn’t come without risks and dangers. There have been many cases of complications caused by teeth whitening, but as everyone wants that bright Hollywood smile, people rush to make their teeth whiter and forget about the possible repercussions.

Read on to find out what the dangers of teeth whitening are.

1. Acidic properties of certain fruits found in home teeth whiteners.


These acids put into home remedies, or the products you can use at home to whiten your teeth really do what is written on the label—they make your teeth whiter. But what you probably didn’t know is that this acid also does something else—it affects the quality of your teeth by deteriorating your teeth’s enamel.

Because of that, after a short while your teeth become worse than they were before the whitening and you are left with a sense of disappointment and a smile you didn’t want. Besides ruining your enamel, these products can also make your gums much more sensitive and prone to damage, bleeding, pain and eventually even gum disease.

Isn’t it suspicious that you can just apply a certain product onto your teeth, and in less than half an hour they are whiter than ever?

There must be some pretty aggressive agents at work to make it happen.

That should be a warning sign for you, because the fact is that the thing that is making your smile more beautiful for now is actually making it worse for later. The same ingredients that are whitening your teeth are making them unhealthier than before.

A spokesman of the British Dental Association, Martin Fallowfield, a dentist, said that most DIY teeth-whitening kits and those from salons contain the same acid (chlorine dioxide) that is used for disinfection of swimming pools. This acid makes your teeth whiter by destroying the surface of every tooth. The worst thing is that the changes are in most cases permanent, and there have been some extreme instances where this led to loss of teeth due to chemical burns on the gums.

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