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Your Favorite Foods’ 12 Darkest Secrets

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Sometimes, when we like a certain food very much, we would rather not know what it’s made of and what processes it goes through before ending up on our plate.

But if you want to be able to choose what you are eating and what enters your body, you should first know what the foods you’re buying contain. Not everything that looks fresh is actually fresh and not everything commercialized as healthy is harmless for you.

If you care about your health, or at least want to know the darkest secrets of the foods you love, stick around for a while.

1. Carbon monoxide added to meat.


To be able to sell their meat, meat producers need to have the U.S.D.A. seal of approval that the meat has been inspected and approved as safe by a federal agency. And all the meat you buy has indeed been inspected, but without the packaging they’re sold in.

Producers inject carbon monoxide, the gas commonly emitted by your car, into the packaging of red meats and fish.

This is done to make the color of the meat redder and make it appear fresh, even though it may not be. Without the meat being exposed to oxygen, this gas keeps it looking fresh for weeks, while untreated meat loses its red color and turns brownish within a couple of days.

This gas doesn’t have any color, taste or smell, so you can’t detect it on your own, but more than half of all meat you buy prepackaged in stores is treated with it.

Carbon monoxide can be extremely poisonous and breathing it can make you dizzy, nauseated, cause stomach pain and shortness of breath. Carbon monoxide poisoning symptoms are similar to those caused by food poisoning and the flu (excluding a high temperature). In 2002, the FDA recognized the use of this gas for meat packaging as not detrimental to one’s health, and meat producers continue using it to improve the looks of their product, keep it looking fresh for longer and make more money.

Who cares if you inhale something that comes out of your car’s tailpipe, right?

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