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These 7 Foods May Kill You

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Here, we are talking about exotic foods, and as such they will try to kill you in exotic ways rather than as the regular foods do with additives, refined sugars and carbs, saturated fats, etc. Since you probably don’t eat these foods, the chances of them killing you are minimal, but if you do eat them – pay attention. It is not the food that can harm you. In fact, if prepared properly, all these foods are very healthy and beneficial. But in case they are not prepared right, they can be deadly, or at least make you so sick that you want to die. So, here are the foods you need to be careful about.

1. Chia Seeds

This food is actually extremely healthy, and only 2 teaspoons provide you with 117 calories, 4 grams of protein and amazing 8 grams of fiber, along with a good amount of omega-3s that are essential for your heart’s health. It is no wonder that these seeds are considered a superfood. However, though introducing them into your daily diet would be a smart choice due to the benefits they provide, eating them the right way is crucial. These seeds MUST be soaked before you eat them. They can absorb the amount of water 27 times larger than their dry weight, which can be dangerous if these seeds accumulate in the esophagus. Therefore, before eating them, the only proper way is to let them soak up as much water as they can and only then eat them or drink a fluid that contains them. This way, you will be able to experience all the benefits of this superfood without having to worry about choking on dry chia seeds.

2. Rhubarb

If you haven’t tried rhubarb in sweet treats, you don’t know what you are missing. Buying this food in a store and then preparing sweets with it is safe, because the manufacturers remove the leaves that are dangerous for your health and life. But if you have it in your garden and want to use it, it is important to know that you really need to get rid of the leaves before cooking rhubarb, because they are poisonous. According to the National Institutes of Health, the leaves contain harmful substances, such as anthraquinone glycosides and oxalic acid. The fact is that you won’t die because of it (unless you eat an abnormally large amount), but any amount can make you very sick, and the common symptoms are diarrhea, vomiting, having a burning sensation in the mouth and trouble breathing, etc.


3. Fugu Puffer Fish

This fish, also known as blowfish, is a food you can eat when you go to Japan and rarely anywhere else. If the cook knows what he/she is doing, you will enjoy the delicacy and have no problems. But, if it is not prepared well, it can lead to death. This is because this fish contains a substance called terodoxin which paralyzes your muscles and you find yourself unable to breathe. No wonder it is so rarely served to people, when only cutting it the wrong way can lead to releasing the poison for which a cure does not yet exist. Many people have died because they ate an improperly prepared fugu fish, and probably this will continue to happen, so maybe it would be best to stay away from this fish and never learn how delicious it is.

4. Sannakji Choking Octopi

Sannakji wriggling octopus is a real treat and when you eat it correctly, there is no end to your enjoyment, but if not, you might get choked by your food. These octopi can be bought in Korea, in the local markets. The problem with this food is that you eat it while the octopus is still alive and able to move, and since their tentacles are long and still have functional suction cups, they can literally choke you from the inside and kill you. Delicious as it is, it is not worth someone’s life.

5. Cassava Root

Sometimes very healthy, sometimes extremely deadly, all depending on the way it is grown and prepared. Cassava root is an integral part of the daily diet of many people around the world, and it is commonly used to make tapioca. By eating properly prepared cassava root, you ensure that your body takes in healthy carbs and nutrients, but if it is unprofessionally grown and improperly cooked, it excretes cyanide, so you can easily get poisoned by your food.

6. Mushrooms

Mushrooms are one of the most delicious foods that can be combined with many ingredients to create amazing meals, from diet to gourmet. However, not all mushrooms are safe to eat, and those people who love to take nature walks and pick mushrooms need to educate themselves extremely well because picking the wrong kind of mushroom can be deadly. The poisonous kinds of mushrooms contain toxins that can ensure you a trip to the emergency room and maybe even cause death, so either learn well everything there is to know about the kinds of mushrooms and recognizing them, or leave the picking to the professionals.

7. Ackee Fruit

This fruit comes from Africa and Jamaica and it is one of the favorite fruits in these areas. It can be eaten in various ways – raw, cooked or baked together with other meals. When this fruit is not ripe, it is one of the deadliest foods out there because of its high content of hypoglycin, which causes the Jamaican vomiting sickness that can lead to death. The symptoms of this disease are pain in the abdomen, hypoglycemia, coma and finally – death. However, if you really want to try it, you must wait until it’s fully ripe and its pods open naturally. Also, the only edible part is the arilli which is yellow, while the black seeds are always toxic and deadly.