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Powdered Eggs and 6 Other Fake Foods Being Served to Us

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You think what you read in the menu is what you get?

Think that when you order an omelet in a restaurant you always get real eggs?

Large food companies are always looking to reduce the costs of food production, and unfortunately the ways they choose to do so usually don’t go in favor of us consumers. Food processors and producers usually switch somewhat more expensive ingredients for artificial processed ones or those of lower quality that taste or have similar texture as the real deal.

Read on to find out which foods are usually fake, so you’d know what to choose from now on and avoid being cheated with unhealthy alternatives.


1. Eggs

When you order an omelet or scrambled eggs at a restaurant, you’re probably not getting real eggs. Many restaurants use processed powdered eggs that, besides dried eggs also contain additives and other artificial ingredients. Among those ingredients are often fillers such as gluten, which can be a problem if you are gluten intolerant or trying to lose weight.

You’re probably wondering why do restaurants use this instead of real eggs – well, it’s cheaper, and many restaurants are looking for ways to increase their profits and decrease the costs.

Maybe you are not trying to lose weight and you’re not gluten intolerant, but anyhow, you should be aware of what you’re eating and if you ask for eggs that is what you should get. Most of these restaurants that use powdered eggs also have real eggs, so if you want the real thing you should specify that when you order (who would have thought it would come to that, that you need to specify that you want what you have ordered), and to make sure you really get eggs, you should say that you have an allergy or intolerance.

Either that or ask for poached or boiled eggs on the plate – they can’t fake that with powder.

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