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How to Get Rid of a Hangover (The Natural Way)

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It has or it will happen to you at least once in your life (and if you are a party person – more than once), getting out of bed after a crazy night and feeling as if the world collapsed right onto your head. After having drunk heavily, the next morning you feel nauseous, the light bothers you, your head hurts like somebody wacked you with a frying pan, your muscles feel like you ran a marathon, your reactions are slower and you probably even have diarrhea. This happens because the chemicals contained in alcohol mess up your hormones and body chemistry, thus leaving you with these common hangover symptoms. Even though you might think you can’t do anything to feel better and you probably don’t feel like eating or drinking anything, there are some foods and drinks that can help you get over a hangover. Let’s first go through the drinks.

Water – The absolute winner of all drinks, which can help you feel better in so many bad situations, especially after a night of drinking alcohol. Alcohol is known to dehydrate your body and what is the main hydrating fluid? Well water, of course! One of the reasons you wake up feeling nauseous and foggy is due to dehydration, so drinking water should help you. Also, it would be wise to drink water while you are drinking alcohol because that way you can stay hydrated and not have a hangover in the morning at all. If you forget to do this, drink a glass (or more) of water in the morning anyway.

Fresh fruit juice – The fructose in these juices, along with the liquid, will hydrate you and provide you with energy which will enable your body to expel the toxins you took in with alcohol and detoxify. This fructose will also get your metabolism going which will make this process much easier. When you add the vitamins contained in the fruit juices, you can freely say that this is one of the best ‘cures’ for treating hangover.

Pickle juice – This sounds weird and possibly disgusting, but it really does help with hangovers. If you drink it (one shot) before drinking alcohol, you may even wake up without a hangover, but drink a shot of it in the morning anyway. Why does it help? – you must be wondering. Because of the high content of vinegar, salt and water, this liquid fills the (drunk) body up with electrolytes and sodium which help the body get the hydration it so desperately needs.


Mint tea – Herbal teas have since forever been known to help with various health problems, aches and nausea, and this situation is not an exception. Mint tea is the most commonly used tea and the one that proved very beneficial, but ginger tea is also good, if not even better. Both these teas can relieve sickness caused by alcohol, pregnancy or any other factor.

Coconut water – This is a liquid that contains many of the electrolytes our body needs, more than most other liquids, which help you recover after vomiting if it comes to that, but also ease the sickness and other hangover symptoms.

Sport drinks – While almost completely going against all your sports efforts because they are packed with sugars, they do wonders for you when you are dealing with hangovers because they fill you with electrolytes very quickly and rehydrate you, immediately making you feel better.

Drinks you would want to avoid are the ones that contain large amounts of caffeine; and never drink more alcohol thinking it will help.

Now, as for the foods, the most important thing is to stay away from fats, while the following foods will help you deal with hangovers:

Oatmeal – This light and nutritious food will help you eat something when you feel like everything will make you puke, give you all the necessary nutrients such as vitamins, calcium and magnesium. Besides that, oatmeal will stabilize the levels of sugar in your blood and give you enough energy to start the day, while at the same time getting rid of the bad acids that accumulated in your body and which are making you sick.

Tomatoes – This is a great choice to ease you troubles because of the high content of an antioxidant called lycopene, which is your best friend when it comes to fighting the inflammations in your body. This delicious vegetable (or as some like to call it – fruit) contains high levels of fructose and vitamin C (no wonder they think of it as fruit) which help your body get rid of the toxins and act beneficially on your liver.

Eggs – This food is packed with amino acids including cysteine and taurine, which provide the body with energy that you need so desperately in the morning after your party. Taurine also helps your liver function properly and detoxifies it from the harmful substances you took in with alcohol, preventing your liver from disease. Additionally, cystein relieves your headache by breaking down the substance that causes it.

Miso soup – This is a great aid in dealing with hangovers because it contains a lot of salt which helps your body replenish the levels of sodium and improves your digestion. It also helps you hydrate and feel better after the initial ‘morning sickness’ caused by alcohol.

Chicken soup – This may sound like something that might make you feel worse instead of better, but chicken soup with noodles can really help you stabilize the water levels in your body along with the salt. Like eggs, chicken soup contains cystein which will give you enough energy and after a bowl of it you will feel so much better.

Bananas – This fruit is packed with potassium which your body loses because of alcohol and its diuretic properties. Eating bananas will help your digestion, provide you with energy to start the day and give you the sense of fullness without upsetting your stomach.