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Breadless Sandwiches? It’s Possible and It’s Delicious

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Are you trying to lose some weight or start eating healthier foods? More and more people are giving up bread in order to stop taking ‘white deaths’ into their body. But when it comes to making quick meals, how can you do it without bread?

Well, it’s actually not that hard, when you have good ideas brought to you. Giving up bread doesn’t mean you need to give up all carbohydrates or tasty meals altogether. In fact, some of these replacements are much tastier than regular white bread, and you’ll enjoy them so much that you won’t even think about bread.

You can make delicious breadless sandwiches – we’ll show you how!

1. Lettuce Wraps

Who said you need bread to make a sandwich? You can simply take a leaf of lettuce and wrap whatever you would ordinarily put inside your sandwich.

For instance, you can grill some chicken breasts and put them onto the lettuce, cover that with thin slices of tomato, some mayonnaise or homemade garlic sauce. You can basically put in whatever you like, just make sure your lettuce leaf is large enough to be able to handle it.

2. Omelet Sandwich

This is probably one of the most delicious low-calorie easy-prep sandwiches. Simply make a 2 egg omelet in a Teflon pan and then cover it with a layer of cream cheese or sour cream, put some ham or crispy bacon slices over it and add vegetables you like (for instance, lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, and maybe some arugula and chili pepper if you like it a little spicier).

If you like your sandwiches creamy and juicy, you can also add some ketchup or mayonnaise. Wrap it all up and enjoy your omelet/sandwich.


3. Oat Bread Replacement

You can make your own healthy bread replacement in just about half an hour and it can last for days.

All you need to do is mix egg yolks and egg whites separately, add some fresh cheese and a couple of tablespoons of oat bran into the yolk mixture, some salt and mix it all together. Spread the mixture over baking paper and bake it for around 15 minutes.

Depending on the quantity of ingredients, you can have enough ‘bread’ for an entire week, and it will not spoil if you keep it in the fridge. If you want multiple pieces of bread shaped equally, you can use a muffin tray to bake it.

Once you have the bread, how you will make your sandwich is completely up to you. For instance, a good idea would be putting some cheese, ham, tomatoes and cucumbers inside – but you put whichever ingredients you like the most.

4. Tomato Sandwich

For this one, you will use tomato instead of bread.

It may sound awkward, but it is delicious and simple to make – no baking, frying or any kind of heating is required for the ‘bread replacement’.

Simply slice a tomato in half and then make the ends a little thinner, so the sandwich can actually fit into your mouth. And then it’s time to fill it up. If you have the time to grill some meat (for instance, a burger, chicken breasts, turkey breasts), you can do that, but if you don’t – some bacon or ham will be good enough.

So put that meat into the sandwich and place some hard cheese onto it. If the meat is hot, the cheese will melt, but even if it doesn’t, you’ll have an amazing sandwich. It can be as simple as that, but if you would like to add some more flavor, consider adding some garlic sauce or mustard. Bon appetite!

5. Filled Cucumber

This sandwich will resemble a Subway sandwich, but it will surely be healthier and possibly much tastier. Wash the cucumber, hollow it out and then you can fill it. Again, you can put whatever you like in your sandwich, but here is an example if you are all out of ideas.

If you like lots of meat in your sandwich, this is where you can put as much as you like.

Fill the entire cucumber with ham or some high quality salami. If you want varieties of meat, you can add some sausage as well. As the cucumber is a veggie, you probably won’t need any salad inside, but maybe something creamy such as mayonnaise or a sauce of your liking. The possibilities are endless!