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9 Tasty Low-Cal Dishes

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Did you think that you need to give up enjoying in tasty food in order to lose or maintain weight? Well, that’s not true at all. You can still enjoy wonderful tastes and satisfy your appetite without taking in too many calories. Eating a healthy and balanced diet is the key to good health and an attractive body. There are so many dishes that you can prepare in the comfort of your home – they are not too time-consuming and they are just as tasty (or even tastier) than some foods that contain more calories than you should be eating in an entire day. Yes, we dared to say that, and you will too, as soon as you try some of these recipes. They are not any more expensive than regular junk food, but they are much more nutritious, lower in calories, healthier and very, very tasty. Enjoy these recipes and don’t forget to put some of them to the test!


1. Garlic-stuffed chicken drumsticks with carrots

This is a dish that requires very little preparation time and around an hour and a half of baking in the oven on 400 degrees Fahrenheit. First, preheat the oven.

You’ll need as many chicken drumsticks as there are people you’re preparing this for. Make small cuts into each drumstick and stuff the little holes with small pieces of garlic, and then massage salt and pepper into each drumstick. Grease up the casserole or a metal pan which can go into the oven (preferably one that has a cover), but just with a small amount of butter, oil or grease so that the ingredients don’t stick. Put the stuffed meat into the pan/casserole and then peel the carrots (as many as you want) and wash them well. You can cut them into thick circles or length/wise – it’s up to you. Sort the carrots around and besides the meat and cover the pan/casserole. You don’t have to put salt on the carrots – they will soak it up from the liquid the chicken drumsticks release. After an hour and a half it will be ready to serve. Eat the drumsticks without the skin if you want to lower the caloric intake.

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