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9 Reasons Why Diet High in Fat is Good for You

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For many years we have thought that we need to eat a diet low in fat in order to be slim and healthy. However, recently numerous studies have found that the right kinds of fat are actually very healthy for you and that it’s not fat that is endangering your health and expanding your waistline, but carbohydrates – particularly the simple ones. With moderate to low carbohydrate intake, eating a diet high in fat can be a very good thing for your health, and it can even help you lose weight. Modern diets that many people follow are usually based on limiting the intake of starchy carbohydrates and upping the intake of healthy fats. Millions of people have improved their health this way, and lost tons of excess weight in the process. Of course, not all fats are good, and it is important to eat those that are healthy, while avoiding processed ones. Monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats as well as omega-3 fatty acids are the fats you should be eating, while trans fats should be avoided. When it comes to saturated fats, scientists’ opinions are still conflicted.

Read on to find out what are some of the good reasons to eat a diet high in fat.


1. It increases your energy levels

Eating a diet full of processed and starchy carbohydrates combined with any kinds of fat can make you gain weight, experience a drop in energy and become lazy and lethargic. However, if you lower the intake of simple carbohydrates (sugars, anything made with processed flour, etc) and increase your intake of unsaturated fats, you will definitely start feeling more energized and your motivation to start being more physically active will probably increase.

With such a diet, you will feel as energized as you were when you were a child provided that you were an active and healthy kid who wasn’t dealing with serious weight issues. When you decrease carbohydrate intake and start eating the right kinds of fat, your body will soon learn how to turn the calories from the fat into energy, which will help you lose weight and give you more energy.

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