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8 Negative-Calorie Foods You Can Eat in Abundance and Lose Weight

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There are many supposed negative-calorie foods that you can read about on the internet, but not many people know much about. The main claims are that these foods provide fewer calories than your body needs to digest them, meaning that you burn more calories digesting those foods than they actually contain. That, however, doesn’t mean that those foods don’t contain any calories.  Including such foods into your diet means providing your body with many essential nutrients while also ensuring that you don’t take in many calories, which directly leads to weight maintenance or weight loss (provided that you don’t eat many starchy and high-calorie foods besides them). If you eat a balanced diet and include negative-calorie foods into it daily, you will keep hunger at bay and increase your chances of weight loss. Of course, your chances would be even more increased if you were to engage in regular physical activity as well. Here are some negative-calorie foods that are great for your overall health and don’t lead to weight gain even if you eat them in abundance.


1. Celery

Celery is always mentioned in discussions about negative-calorie foods, and for good reason. It contains around 75 percent water, while the other 25 percent contain fiber, vitamins and minerals. This plant contains almost no protein and fat, and in 100 grams it contains only 16 calories. Eating celery won’t actually satisfy your appetite, but eating it together with a protein-rich meal will help you eat less and take in fewer calories. This tasty vegetable makes your body burn more energy than it actually provides, which earned it the title of a negative-calorie food.  Due to its high fiber content, it helps you stay full for a longer time, which means that you won’t have strong urges to snack or eat larger meals. Fiber is also crucial for proper bowel movement, so eating celery is very healthy for your digestive system.

Besides being low in calories and thus beneficial for your weight loss, it also contains antioxidants that reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

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