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8 Foods to Heal Your Liver after a Crazy Night Out

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Everyone has a wild night of drinking at least a few times in their lives. Many people reach for coffee after a crazy night out in order to fix their hangover, but the fact is that caffeine rarely helps, and it can often even make things worse as you’re just taking in more toxins, and what you actually need is detoxifying. Namely, when you drink, you put a lot of stress onto your liver which needs to metabolize everything you take in. So, after a night of drinking, your liver needs to rehabilitate, and although these foods may not cure your hangover, they will surely help your liver get better and get rid of most of the toxins you let into your body the previous night. Read on to find out which foods will help you heal your liver after a crazy night out.


1. Lemon

Lemon juice is a very powerful thing when you’re trying to heal your liver, mainly because it contains high levels of citric acids, which, when taken in frequently along with purified water, can be very beneficial for the body. Thanks to those acids, lemon juice improves your digestion by breaking down the foods (and other substances) in your stomach. As for your liver, it is the only organ that can regenerate numerous times and heal throughout your life. However, after you’ve put a lot of stress onto it during your wild night, it needs some detoxifying in order to be able to quickly start functioning well again.

So, lemon juice comes to the rescue by acting as a cleanser and controlling harmful organisms. What can enhance the effectiveness of lemon water is using hot water and squeezing a half of one organic lemon into it, and drinking this beverage in the morning, before you have anything to eat. Besides helping your liver heal, lemon water will also improve your digestion and bowel movement, which will help you get out most of the toxins that you took in the previous night.

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