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8 Foods That Can Supposedly Change Your Eye Color in Only Two Months

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We all sometimes dream of having lighter or darker eyes. Wouldn’t it be great if we could change the color of our eyes just like we’re changing the color of our hair? But the fact is that we can’t put chemicals into our eyes without dealing with serious consequences and maybe even losing sight. Contact lenses are one way to do it, but who wants to wear them if there are no problems with eye sight? It is believed that the eye color you’ve had since childhood is the color you’re going to have for the rest of your life. But what if that isn’t true? What if you could eat certain foods and make your eyes look brighter or darker, or even change color? These foods can supposedly change your eye color if you eat them for two months. So if you want to change your eye color naturally, give it a try – none of these foods are harmful for your health and some may even help improve it, so you have nothing to lose.


1. Honey

You may have noticed that, if you have been eating organic honey every day for an extended period of time (two months or longer), your eye color has become lighter than it used to be. Some claim that they have successfully turned their eye color into a lighter shade by using equal proportions of pure honey and bottled water, mixing the two ingredients together and then dropping the solution into your eyes.  The same people suggest putting two to three drops of the mixture into each eye and repeating the procedure twice per day, and say that by doing this you can change your eye color within two weeks.

However, we couldn’t say whether putting such mixture into your eyes is recommendable. Although those are good and natural ingredients, nothing should go into our eyes without an approval from our doctors.

On the other hand, eating honey can’t hurt you in any way, unless you’re allergic to it. Eating it can promote your overall health, protect you from infections and even calm down acid reflux. And supposedly, it can help you change eye color within 60 days.

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