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7 Amazing Foods That Will Help Cleanse Your Body of Nicotine

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Tobacco is a member of the, often poisonous, nightshade family. A family of plants that include eggplants, tomatoes and bell peppers, all of which are rich in compounds called alkaloids. Nicotine, the compound responsible for the development of dependence and addiction to tobacco, is also an alkaloid. Nicotine is a parasympathomimetic alkaloid, which means that it is a stimulant, particularly in mammals. One of the reasons why smoking is so bad for you is because it is so easily addictive and the more you smoke the more you are at risk for most, if not all, diseases.

You probably already knew that, which is why you are kicking the habit and starting life anew. In the back of your mind though, are tales of relapses and the eventual making up with your smoking hot, stick thin mistress – the cigarette. Well, we’re here to help. A big part of why it’s so hard to quit smoking is because nicotine can stay a long time in the body. For approximately 20-30 days after you’ve kicked the habit, byproducts of nicotine are still circulating throughout your body.

To help flush out the toxins, you must abstain from all types of nicotine and increase your metabolism to help breakdown the nicotine compounds faster. Here are some of the foods you can eat to help get rid of the nicotine in your body and prevent you from falling back into the arms of the world’s slowest but deadliest killer.


Probably the most underrated of all healthy fluids, there is nothing like water to flush out the toxins from your body. If you are a healthy human being, your liver and your renal system should do a good enough job of metabolizing toxins. To help them out and to ease the expulsion of these toxins, your body must be properly hydrated. Not only does water help draw out harmful compounds trapped inside our cells, it also serves as energy for the detoxing processes in our organs.


Citrus fruits are one of the best sources of vitamin C. First off, vitamin C acts as an antioxidant, getting rid of the free radicals caused by your smoking and protecting your tissues from further damage. Did you know that smoking also depletes your body of nutrients? Vitamin C reverses this effect by effectively binding to minerals such as iron and calcium, facilitating their absorption into your body. As an aside, most smokers get the urge to smoke right after eating. They say that it helps cleanse their palate of their meals. To avoid giving into the urge, cleanse your palate with an orange instead.


Just like citrus fruits, broccoli and other leafy greens are a great source of vitamin C and other nutrients. Broccoli also contains compounds that protect your lungs from toxins that could damage it.


These are just some of the examples of foods that are low in potassium. Your kidneys are crucial in flushing out nicotine, and to help facilitate the removal of this toxin we must make sure not to overload them. To do that you must eat food that is low in potassium and avoid food that is too salty.


Rich in antioxidants and with many anti-inflammatory properties, green tea is one of the best ways to help your body recover from the damage caused by smoking.


This is less about removing nicotine from the body and more about restoring your poor lungs to good health. Licorice root has been used extensively in Chinese medicine to protect mucous membranes by easing inflammation and by functioning as an expectorant. The sooner your lungs recover from smoking the sooner your body can return to a balanced state of well-being.


To aid the effectivity of the fruits and vegetables you are eating you must also take the proper supplements to hasten the flushing out of nicotine. A combination of supplements containing hops, licorice, alfalfa, eucalyptus, skullcap and passion flower has been found to help alleviate withdrawal symptoms. If the withdrawal symptoms are manageable your desire to go back to smoking will decrease.

Quitting smoking for good is an arduous task and it takes lots of willpower, planning and a healthy diet. Luckily, with all the information at your disposal and with the support of your loved ones it is easier to kick this habit than ever before.