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5 Healthy Dinner Ideas You Will Just Adore

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Dinner is the favorite meal of the day for many people, especially because evening is the time when the whole family is at home and you can spend some quality time together. Even if you’re single and living alone, there is no reason not to treat yourself with good quality food.

A healthy dinner should be protein-rich but low in carbohydrates and fats. Eating such meals, you will have a good night sleep and a prettier figure.

Therefore, we have come up with some healthy dinner ideas that you will be able to prepare pretty easily and quickly, even if you’re not a cooking expert, and you’ll have a nice dinner with no unnecessary calories to make you fat, but enough to fill you up and keep you satisfied until breakfast.

1. Chicken Salad

For a good chicken salad you can use chicken breasts, grilled in a pan and chopped into bite-size pieces and whatever veggies you like that have a low glycemic index, including lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, onions, etc. With lettuce, you don’t have to worry about the amount – you can eat the entire thing as it usually doesn’t have more than a hundred grams, and that amount has around 17 calories. As for chicken breasts, 100 or 150 grams should be enough, but if you are using a large amount of vegetables – that may even be too much for you to handle.

One example of such salad would be: 100 grams of chopped grilled chicken breasts (you can grill and then chop, or vice versa, depending on your preferences), one whole lettuce (washed and chopped), half a tomato (around 100 grams or less) and around a half of one cucumber (also around 100 grams or less). Then you can add some salt.

If this sounds too boring for you, try the following dressing: 1 Tbsp of extra virgin olive oil, a little bit of salt, a little bit of powdered garlic and ¼ teaspoon of Dijon mustard. Mix it all and poor it over the salad. You will get an amazingly tasty meal for a very small number of calories.

2. Chicken Breasts Rolled With Bacon And Cheese

Chicken can become pretty boring if you eat it often, but it doesn’t have to be so. For this, you can simply take a thinly sliced large piece of chicken filet, put some thinly sliced smoked bacon and some hard cheese over it. Roll it all up and tie it with a thread, or put some toothpicks at the loose ends to keep the roll together. Put the rolls in a casserole (if its glass, you don’t need baking paper, if it’s metal – you do) and bake it for around half an hour on 200o C. If you want it to be more juicy, then put aluminum foil over the casserole and take it off just a couple of minutes before it’s ready. This is one simple-to-make, delicious and healthy meal. You can eat some salad on the side (tomato, cucumber, asparagus, lettuce) if you want.


3. Egg Pizza

Eating pizza for dinner, especially late at night, is never recommended. But what makes pizza so unhealthy? The crust. The rest of the ingredients are usually protein-rich and good (if you don’t count the sugar-loaded ketchup you get at restaurants). But that doesn’t mean we don’t still want to eat pizza. Well, there is a kind of replacement, one that won’t make you gain weight. We will call it egg pizza.

Make an omelet. An ordinary two-egg omelet mixed with a little bit of salt and baked in a non-stick pan (no added oil or fat) just on one side. Then place that ready side on baking paper in a casserole and cover the omelet with tomatoes so thinly sliced that it could be called a sauce. Put some ham/sausage/meat over that. If you like champignons, they fit well here as well. Then shred some hard cheese all over it and place it into the oven to bake on 200 degrees Celsius for a couple of minutes (until the ‘crust’ starts to harden and the cheese is melted. When it’s done, you can put a little bit of ketchup and oregano over it and voila!

An easy and healthy dinner and a worthy replacement for pizza (for extreme pizza lovers, there isn’t a replacement, but for people who are watching their weight, there certainly is).

4. Beef Burger With Mushrooms And Radicchio

For this meal you should buy some lean beef at the butchery and ask the butcher to mince it for you (don’t buy meat that is pre-minced, because you don’t know what is really inside – they usually mix beef with pork, because pork is cheaper, but the meat is also greasier and of lower quality). Beef is rich in protein, mushrooms with antioxidants and radicchio with vitamins.

Shape the minced beef (with an addition of salt, ground pepper and whatever other spices you like) into a burger and grill it on a non-stick pan. If there is enough room in the pan, you can grill the mushrooms (shitake or champignons) at the same time. When it’s done, place it all on a plate, add some thinly sliced radicchio and pour a small amount of extra virgin olive oil on top of it all (an equivalent to one tablespoon) and enjoy. If you’re extra hungry and would like to place the burger and additions into a bun, don’t opt for one made of white flour, but for a whole-wheat variety.

5. Zucchini Boats

Zucchini boats are a great combination of proteins and healthy carbohydrates.

Grill chicken breasts (or drums) chopped into small pieces together with thinly sliced tomatoes and red peppers. If you like white rice, you can cook it and then mix it in with the rest of the dish. Once it’s ready, stuff hollowed-out zucchini halves and bake them in a casserole in the oven for half an hour on 200 degrees Celsius. This is an easy dish, great for dinner (lunch as well) as it fills you up, but doesn’t overload you with calories.