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5 Food Chains That Are Getting Rid of Artificial Ingredients

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1. Subway

Last month, June 2015, Subway announced that it would be removing artificial colors, flavors and preservatives from its menu. The company is putting a whole new spin on its “Eat Fresh” by removing unwanted ingredients from all of its food items by 2017.

Although they just recently announced their plans for the year and onwards, Subway has been making headways in removing unhealthy ingredients from their food. They have recently removed the caramel coloring from their 9-grain bread and roast beef. The company has also opted to use turmeric to color their banana peppers instead of using Yellow No. 5. In April this year, after online and media pressure headed by health blogger “Food Babe”, Subway has removed Azodicarbonamide from its breads. The chemical [azodicarbonamide] is used in the food industry as a flour bleacher and dough conditioner. It has been touted by Food Babe as “yoga mat material” because of its use in making yoga mats.

2. Taco Bell

This year Taco Bell announced that they would be doing a massive overhaul of their menu, removing high fructose corn syrup, artificial coloring and palm oil from all of the food they serve by the end of 2015. The company also said that they would remove preservatives by 2017.

The change came during a time where the rest of the big names in the fast food industry, like Pizza Hut, were already making huge changes in their menus. Taco Bell’s chief food innovation officer, Liz Matthews, released a statement saying, “Today’s customers are more curious and interested about food than ever. They want to understand what they’re eating and expect to know more about it”.

Not included in the shift are products such as sodas and co-branded products such as Doritos-flavored taco shells. Brian Niccol, the company’s CEO has assured consumers that Taco Bell will continue to work to make Taco Bell great tasting, affordable and accessible.

3. McDonald’s


McDonald’s, who is famous for what is generally considered to be the best fast food French fries and infamous for the pink slime they allegedly use for their burger patties, is taking a ride on the latest bandwagon hitting all fast food joints.

Early this year, many of our favorite fast food restaurant chains have announced several changes they were going to make to include more wholesome food into their menus and eliminate HFCs, preservatives and more.

Now, it seems even McDonald’s has caved in to the pressure.

Early this month, McDonald’s announced that they would be simplifying their grilled chicken recipe to remove unwanted ingredients. McDonald’s has become one of the many fast food chains who are starting to respond to their more health conscious consumers or face low sales.

In December 2014, McDonald’s announced that they would be pulling out some of their menu items and examining their menu. It seems the Golden Arches are keeping their promise.

4. Pizza Hut

In May of this year, Pizza Hut got the ball rolling in the fast food chain revolution we are currently experiencing by announcing that they are about to complete the process of removing all artificial flavoring from their food.

America’s favorite pizza house said that the changes will take effect in all branches by the end of July. The chain also revealed their multi-year plan to vastly reduce the sodium content in 20% of their pizzas to just a third of the daily recommended dietary allowance for sodium by 2020. No small feat for a company known to pile on everything on their pizza and crusts.

5. Papa John’s

In the second half of June 2015, one of America’s favorite pizza chains announced that they would be spending $100,000,000 to remove artificial ingredients from their food. In 2014, it can be recalled that Papa John’s also made the radical decision of removing monosodium glutamate (MSG) from its ranch dressing and garlic sauce.

This is a brave move given that MSG is known to vastly improve the taste of any recipe it is added to.

The CEO of Papa John’s seems to agree and has said that removing the additives from their food has been difficult and has resulted to compromising the taste in some cases. The changes the company has recently announced are set to be put into motion starting of 2016.